What's right isn't always easy
Sat Aug 4, 2018 23:37

She had been hoping that Teal would agree to just letting her go first, but instead the other girl was… apologizing? Okay, that was a start. They weren’t at the very front of the line yet, so they still had some time to keep talking, although Marley really wasn’t sure what more she could say. Teal claimed to not get it, but all she wanted was to not feel like she was being forced to keep a big secret when they shouldn’t be keeping it secret in the first place. What was so hard to get about that? Maybe she should just be upfront and say that she didn’t wanna be a secret - but it was a lot more complicated than what could be wrapped up in one sentence. A lot of emotions and worries that she’d been sort of just pushed to the side when they were at RMI together, because they went on dates sometimes and those made it easier to ignore, and then over the summer was when she had her clearest thoughts about it except she couldn’t express her thoughts then because Teal was never there and it would be lame to break up with her in a letter--

--oh gosh that was what was gonna happen here, wasn’t it? Breaking up. Marley had never broken up with someone before (or been broken up with, for that matter) (unless you counted her former friendship with Claudia as a break-up, although that had been simply more broken than anything else). But now that those words had crossed her mind, she realized that that was exactly what it felt like right now. Oh gosh, again.

Resolving just to say it as straight as possible erm, as straightforward-ly as possible (pretending to be straight was a thing that had been happening with them and one way or another that was stopping now), Marley took a deep breath and let it out and inhaled again, Teal’s words - ‘I don’t need to meet your parents’ - echoing in her mind. “What I need,” she said, back to forced-calm-voice, which was just as much to stop her from doing a frustrated snap at Teal as it was to stop her eyes from going all upset-watery, “is to not be pushed in the closet, like you’ve been doing. And that means being introduced to your family as your girlfriend, so that we’re not dating for like, half the year, and then going on break and never seeing each other.” Oh gosh for the third time, her eyes were starting to do the watery thing. Ugh that was inconvenient.

Giving a quick swipe under her eyes, grateful that she had dark enough lashes not to bother with eyeliner on the lower lid because then it might’ve smeared and made a bigger mess, Marley continued on, her voice a bit wobblier than before but otherwise the same. “If you’re not ready, then... I mean, I don’t understand why not, but that’s fine, I don’t wanna force you out ‘cause that’d be just as bad,” she insisted, trying to show Teal that she had really thought it through and was trying to be considerate of her feelings too. With that on the mind, she added, “And maybe I should’ve said something sooner. But I really can’t keep doing this - dating you - it sucks. I mean, you don’t suck, of course,” well maybe it wasn’t the most ‘of course’ situation given their current argument, “but the dating part does.”

  • But that’s so difficult - Teal , Sat Aug 4 13:28
    Teal felt like Marley was misinterpreting everything she was saying and that she must have misinterpreted everything Marley was saying. First it had gone from “we need to talk” to parents and selfish ... more
    • What's right isn't always easy - Marley, Sat Aug 4 23:37
      • That’s not great motivation - Teal, Sun Aug 5 10:33
        There weren’t many times Teal got exactly what she asked for. Surprisingly, her plea had gotten through to Marley. Unsurprisingly, Teal didn’t want to hear what the other girl had to say. Marley... more
        • Too bad this wasn't motivation enough - Marley, Sun Aug 5 21:00
          Marley felt an immediate wave of guilt at the look on the other girl’s face. She’d never seen Teal look so sad before, and it made her feel even worse, and she had to hastily wipe an extra set of... more
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