That’s not great motivation
Sun Aug 5, 2018 10:33

There weren’t many times Teal got exactly what she asked for. Surprisingly, her plea had gotten through to Marley. Unsurprisingly, Teal didn’t want to hear what the other girl had to say. Marley felt… pushed into the closet? Because Teal hadn’t introduced her as her girlfriend. Oh. And then it was like the room gave a lurch, because Teal realized this wasn’t just an argument, it was the very last argument they would ever have, because Marley was breaking up with her. Marley’s voice got all trembly, and Teal felt her eyes get all watery as her no-longer-girlfriend wiped her own.

But I really can’t keep doing this - dating you - it sucks. I mean, you don’t suck, of course, but the dating part does.”

Teal drew in a shaky breath, trying very hard not to cry. Sucked? She didn’t suck. But dating her sucked. Marley thought that dating her sucked. Teal shut her eyes, scrunching up her face, and bit her lip hard. After a moment, she cleared her throat, looked back up at Marley, and sniffed once. “Well, okay then. I don’t think dating you sucks. But if you do…” She swallowed. “Then I guess we’re done.”

She sighed deeply and turned back to the Pensieve. How long was this class? When could she leave and go cry in her room? Or in the secret passageways, maybe, if Annie was there… she wouldn’t be able to last very long before it all came out. It wasn’t that she wouldn’t be able to kiss Marley again — Merlin knew they didn’t get that many chances to, being so busy — but that she’d apparently made Marley really unhappy. That was the opposite of what she wanted to do. But she’d somehow messed everything up so badly that Marley thought being in a relationship with Teal has sucked. Teal wished she had a Pensieve of her own to remember this conversation forever, because she wanted to look back at exactly what Marley had said. She wanted to know so she could never do it again.

Teal tentatively poked the surface of the Pensieve with her wand. She was pretty sure every other pair of students had gone ahead of them, and she and Marley still needed to practice. Professor McKindy was nice, but Teal didn’t think he would let Teal leave class because she’d just gotten dumped. Her fingers tightened involuntarily around her wand, and she bit her lip again.

“So, ummm, we still need to do this Pensieve,” Teal said hoarsely, not looking at Marley. Poor thoughtful, determined Marley, who wasn’t comfortable with how uncomfortable Teal was about telling her parents she had dated a girl. Teal knew she needed to sit down and figure out why she was so afraid and when she would talk to her family, but right now, they had classwork to finish.

“I don’t know if you still want to show me that memory,” she looked back over at her girlfriend the Lyra prefect. “But I can do a dumb one instead if that’s easier. Something about our iguana or something. Then we can just get this class over with.”

  • What's right isn't always easy - Marley, Sat Aug 4 23:37
    She had been hoping that Teal would agree to just letting her go first, but instead the other girl was… apologizing? Okay, that was a start. They weren’t at the very front of the line yet, so they... more
    • That’s not great motivation - Teal, Sun Aug 5 10:33
      • Too bad this wasn't motivation enough - Marley, Sun Aug 5 21:00
        Marley felt an immediate wave of guilt at the look on the other girl’s face. She’d never seen Teal look so sad before, and it made her feel even worse, and she had to hastily wipe an extra set of... more
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