Okay. I don't sing.
Wed Feb 1, 2017 16:38

Rusell’s reaction to Danny pointing at his pocket was both comical and alarming. The fifth year knew his eyebrows had approached his hairline of their own volition but he tried to hold back any further response until he understood the need for such privacy. “It’s, erm, my pet mouse.” Danny blinked, unsure if he had heard correctly. Russell’s further elaboration confirmed that he hadn’t misheard, and neither was his reply sarcastic or ironic in any way. There was legitimately a mouse in his pocket. “Umm, don’t tell anyone, yeah? Please?”

“I won’t,” Danny replied instantly. In reality, he might tell someone, but not now. It would probably come up in conversation with his friends at some point. ‘Hey did you know that Russell kid keeps a mouse in his pocket?’ It seemed like something he would say. But he wouldn’t tell anyone right now, and certainly not any of the professors. “I don’t think anyone would believe me if I did tell them,” he added, finally lowering his eyebrows with a disbelieving shake of his head. Okay, he understood about cats - Laertes II didn’t like cats, either - but had Russell never heard of a cage? “To be honest it’s better than just putting crumbs in your pocket for later, which was something I was failing to explain away.” He grinned again, and was tempted to literally spend the whole lesson asking Russell about his pet - did it ever try to escape? Did it bite? What did it eat? What was its name? - but they did have an assignment to do, and it wasn’t an easy one.

“Okay,” the Lyra said brightly, signalling an end to their previous discourse and the start of an entirely new discussion. He laid his wand back on his desk, having forgotten he was holding it with the whole mouse-in-a-pocket revelation. He was still distracted by it, to be honest. How could a mouse stay in a pocket for a whole class or longer? Danny’s sky blue shirt didn’t even have a pocket, although the grey uniform robes he wore open over the top did have side pockets and a pocket in the lining, for reasons best known to its manufacturer. His jeans had pockets but they were ridiculously form-fitting so nothing could survive in there. Right, he needed to stop thinking about this. He ran his hand through his brown, just-too-long-to-be-neat hair and exhaled. “So, wandless and non-verbal magic,” he selected a topic. “Are you any good?” Then he realised Russell was in the year below, so he ammended to his question to, “I mean, have you ever tried?”

  • Despite having a kind of ridiculous full name - or maybe in spite of it - Danny seemed like a pretty easy-going guy. He had basically shrugged off Russell’s frenzied eating, at least, so that was... more
    • Okay. I don't sing. - Danny, Wed Feb 1 16:38
      • Oh hey, me neither! - Russell, Wed Feb 1 20:40
        With a skeptical humming noise, Russell shrugged. “I guess they might not.” He didn’t have as much faith as Danny about that, but it was kind of nice of the other boy to try reassuring him about it,... more
        • A common ground - Danny, Sat Feb 4 08:51
          “Oh yeah, I can levitate non-verbally, too,” Danny replied, pleased to have found some common ground and that the younger student wasn't going to instantly outshine him. The fifth year liked to be... more
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