Nolan Ramsey
All skills are worth having
Mon Aug 6, 2018 14:27

Apparently the other students who weren’t taking Cultural Studies—and some of the ones who were—didn’t like mandatory yes-you-have-to-go-even-though-you-dropped-it lessons. Nolan agreed he’d rather not do the class, but he didn’t see why there was a fuss about it. A one-off class probably meant there wouldn’t be homework, because they wouldn’t be meeting again to collect it, so it was just a couple hours out of his week. Nolan didn’t care much about participation: he just showed up where he was told to go.

According to Heather, who walked over from Aquila with Nolan despite his best efforts, the last time this had happened, everyone had had to take care of enchanted dolls like they were infants for a few months. That made Nolan slightly less okay with the idea—he had plenty of experience with delivering and caring for foals, but could count the number of times he’d interacted with a human baby on his toes—but he figured it wouldn’t be too catastrophic. After all, this was RMI, the land of partner work, so whichever girl he ended up working with would probably be capable of both managing on her own and directing him when he needed to help.

There turned out to be no babies in the classroom when Nolan arrived, which most of the older students seemed relieved about. Must’ve been a pretty bad class, huh? Professor Blair-West looked like she wasn’t as happy about the lack of baby dolls as everyone else, and she talked like she might be trying to share something with them. Deputy Headmaster Fell hadn’t endeared himself to her, apparently. The students had next to nothing to do with the DH, so Nolan hadn’t formed an opinion of the man, but Professor Blair-West sounded like she wouldn’t piss on Fell if he was on fire.

When his half of the room was released, Nolan headed for the closest cubicle, which happened to have Russell waiting outside. If these were all Muggle-type catastrophes (they couldn’t use magic on some, so Nolan guessed they were), he didn’t want to work with Connor or Claudia, who wouldn’t know what to do any better than he did. As a Muggleborn, Russell was a better choice for coasting through this class. “Hey,” Nolan greeted the seventh year shortly, before dropping his wand in the box on top of Russell’s and walking into the little room ahead of him.

Inside the cubicle was a table with a couple of objects on it. The first was a jar of peanut butter with a knife beside it. The other was a small wooden board with a metal spring-loaded mechanism screwed onto it. Nolan stared at it for a few moments, trying to work out what it was and what they were supposed to do with it. “I have no idea what this is,” Nolan candidly announced as he heard his partner enter the little room behind him. “Any ideas?”

  • What if this isn't a skill I want? - Russell Drew, Mon Aug 6 12:19
    According to the flyer tacked up in Cetus, not only was Cultural Studies being held at a different time than their usual schedule and in the lab instead of its normal room, but it was also a... more
    • All skills are worth having - Nolan Ramsey, Mon Aug 6 14:27
      • Not this one - Russell, Tue Aug 7 23:31
        The person to finally approach him was Nolan, whom he knew casually - they shared a few classes and he was pretty sure they’d wound up partners for at least two impossibly vague History assignments... more
        • How can you tell? - Nolan, Tue Aug 14 22:02
          Russell’s response was to go stand in a corner, so Nolan might have chosen wrong in the partner department. Great. He should’ve just picked Buckley. The guy was always going on about how having a... more
          • He took vague stock of Nolan’s question - just enough to deduct that the only way they were going to make it through this was if either they waited for the timer to go off and moved to the next... more
            • You’re so evasive - Nolan, Mon Sep 3 09:25
              Russell said he couldn’t imagine why this was one of their tasks. Nolan agreed, but for different reasons. Why bother learning how to do things the Muggle way? Everyone at RMI had magic—hell, even... more
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