Marley Chapman
Surprisingly, this isn't mine, either
Mon Aug 6, 2018 15:24

It was a whole month since she and Teal had broken up, and she still wasn’t over it. That was kind of weird, right? Like, sure they’d been dating for ages (and that wasn’t even an exaggeration, since when you looked at it in percentages, two terms out of a total seven was more than a quarter of her time at RMI and that was a lot) but that was more in the sense of knowing they were dating; they hadn’t been actively going on dates for that entire time, and they hadn’t even done anything more than hold hands in last year. But they were still taking almost all the same classes, and their friend-group still overlapped, and overall Marley just still spent enough time seeing the pretty Draco around that she couldn’t help still liking her a lot and feeling really bad for how their relationship had ended. It had started in such a bizarre way, what with Kit screwing up the potions lab and making them go all Veritaserum-y, and she hadn’t even really liked Teal before Teal had blurted out her own feelings, but then they started dating and it was amazing - except also it wasn’t.

Weighing up the pros and cons of dating Teal had been super hard. According to Holland, she’d done the right thing. They had been super fast to respond to her ‘help we broke up and I’m an awful person’ letter (okay it hadn’t said that exaaaactly, but that was the idea of it) and reminded her that it was never okay to have a partner that didn’t let you be yourself and be out when you needed to, and that continuing to date Teal wouldn’t have been fair to her. It had been reassuring to know that Holland supported what she had done to stand up for herself, and their letter was now taped on her dresser so that she could re-read it in the morning if she woke up feeling bad. But she couldn’t re-read it all day, and she didn’t want to either, because she shouldn’t have to rely on Holland to get her feeling back to normal, so instead she went about her days and tried to put the break-up behind her. According to her roommate Alice, who also didn’t have much dating experience but always had good advice in general, it was normal to feel responsible for making other people unhappy, even and maybe especially if that was the only way to put yourself in a happier situation in the end result. So in other words, even though Marley wasn’t back to her normal super-smiley self, going back to that right away might’ve actually been less normal than not.

According to her housemate Buckley, who had eavesdropped on a totally private conversation with Camilla at breakfast literally just this morning, girls were the more emotional of the sexes and lesbians breaking up was bound to be dramatic, and what she really needed was to go on a date with someone new instead of moping for so long. So in other words, Buckley was back to being too annoying to be her friend, and she had grumpily thrown her cereal at him in the middle of the Diner. Watching milk and Cheerios drip off his stupid hipster hat and down his nose had given Marley enough satisfaction to carry her through til it was time for their mandatory Cultural Studies class.

Standing in a little cluster with some of her friends, Marley fidgeted idly with the open edge of her robes, eyes locked on the professor while dark fingers darted back and forth along the silvery material. She hadn’t anticipated being this satisfied when she got up today, so unfortunately she didn’t have any particularly fun colours or textures in her clothes to bounce her attention off and keep up the positive emotion. The class sounded interesting and vague enough that it should help overcome her faded skinny jeans and off-the-shoulder (not that you could tell, because robes) cream-and-grey striped shirt, at least for a little while. Or at least long enough for her to make the undeniably poor decision to take a few hesitant steps in the direction of the cubicle Claudia had been assigned to. And by the time those few hesitant steps were over, everyone else had also started towards their new partners, so the tall Lyra’s walk became more confident by necessity and she was soon adding her wand to the box and entering the cubicle.

She was greeted by a tent, and also Claudia turning to face her. “Um. Hi,” Marley started, knotting her fingers together a bit nervously, because this was the first time since, well, since she started dating Teal, that she had come face-to-face with her former best friend in class. Like, voluntarily. And they’d done a round of letters last term, but that ended about as disappointingly as their last proper conversation the term prior, and hardly counted as interaction in the same way that it did to be standing in front of the Cetus now. “Is it okay if we work together? I just…” She’d just broken up with Teal, erm ‘just’ as in ‘last month’, and realized that the only other breakup she’d gone through was when their friendship ended, and didn’t think she could make it right by voluntarily working with Claudia today but she had to start somewhere and she had to try and she just, “So much has changed, and I’ve missed you. But I guess I should warn you too,” she added, trying to lighten her tone and managing a small grin, “I’ve never taken a tent down all by hand. So if you’d rather wait for someone else to join you...” Marley trailed off, unsure what she would do in that case, and waited for Claudia to do or say something. Anything.

  • These are not My Life Skills - Claudia Dubois , Mon Aug 6 13:29
    Today’s schedule entailed yet another mandatory session to spend in the company of Professor Blair. Claudia had just about had her fill of those. She didn’t mind the Cultural Studies classes, because ... more
    • Surprisingly, this isn't mine, either - Marley Chapman, Mon Aug 6 15:24
      • Some of this is familiar - Claudia, Mon Aug 6 23:08
        “Um, hi.” Claudia paused as if frozen (she would not be surprised if Holland had taught Marley how to execute that spell, but on this occasion her motionless was a result of surprise, not literal... more
        • And some is unknown territory - Marley, Tue Aug 7 22:46
          As soon as the word ‘okay’ had finished, she exhaled in a short sigh, forgetting for a moment not to be too obvious about her relief. She couldn’t help it. Although logically it wouldn’t make sense... more
          • Ready to explore? - Claudia, Wed Aug 8 16:23
            Marley seemed relieved; Claudia wondered why. Did it have more to do with absence of rejection, and with it the need to find another partner, in addition to any negative emotions experienced, or to... more
            • Sure! I think. Maybe. Too late. - Marley, Thu Aug 16 15:31
              “I didn’t say that.” She had spotted the quirk of Claudia’s eyebrows, but her automatic assumption was that it was just a reaction to being called out. She definitely hadn’t expected the other girl... more
              • It started well - Claudia, Fri Aug 17 16:57
                Marley was infuriating. Claudia hadn’t been expecting anything much when she acknowledged she could have set aside her own reservations to blindly rejoice in Marley’s happiness, so receiving an... more
                • And keeps dragging on - Marley, Thu Aug 23 20:39
                  It’d probably be super presumptive to say that she had been expecting a “you’re welcome” or even a “thanks for noticing”, because Claudia had never been the type of person to acknowledge the more... more
                  • We could abandon it - Claudia, Fri Aug 24 09:28
                    It felt as though the two of them were incapable of speaking to each other without arguing. Even when they had been friends, they had argued substantially more often than Claudia would consider... more
                    • I'm not good at giving up - Marley, Mon Sep 3 22:53
                      Ears still ringing (or maybe scratching was a better way to describe it) from the sandpapery alarm, she accepted her robes back from Claudia, noticing as she did so that her hand was shaking a bit.... more
                      • Then I have a new challenge for you - Claudia, Thu Sep 6 15:49
                        Marley was measurably more enthusiastic about this next task than Claudia. The paler girl stood towards a back corner of the cubicle, out of the way of its practical assignment, and wordlessly... more
                        • If at first you don't succeed... - Marley, Tue Sep 11 21:54
                          Quickly recovering from the surprise of Claudia requesting to help with the tire repair, Marley bobbed her head, long-ish curls bouncing along with her. “Oh my gosh, yeah, of course.” Laying the... more
                          • Give up and go home? - Claudia, Wed Sep 12 15:48
                            Manual labor was not something to which Claudia was accustomed. Potions and Magizoobotany had both required her to engage in some unpleasant physical tasks on occasion, but Claudia had not continued... more
                            • Yup, that's how the saying goes - Marley, Fri Sep 14 23:52
                              There was a moment where she felt a little guilty for her hesitation in admitting she hadn’t forgiven Claudia for her actions against Holland. Well, specifically, not guilty in the fact itself,... more
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