So is yours
Tue Aug 7, 2018 15:10

Jesse’s spell had more or less the desired effect. He had expelled the wand from the grasp of his opponent, however instead of moving towards him, the object in question had most unhelpfully sped towards the ceiling, before colliding with the upper confines of the practical lab, and dropping just as rapidly to the floor. Or, more accurately, onto Leah's head. Jesse tilted his own head to one side as he considered the extent of the success that Leah proclaimed. He had indeed disarmed her, but it was surely most beneficial in a disarming situation for the weapon to be retrieved, not to sail skywards. In fact there were many weapons that Jesse would not wish to expel upwards, including anything sharp or heavy that might fall down to land on his person, rendering the disarming spell relatively pointless (as injury would be sustained regardless). However, if the sole aim was to disarm his opponent, then he had, by all accounts, accomplished that, if only temporarily: the wand had landed closer to Leah than to himself, so she had been quick to retrieve it and be armed once more.

“That was great! I kind of had this feeling from the start that you’d be good at this,” Leah said as she progressed closer to Jesse. He was unsure why she was approaching him, as it was now her turn to execute the spell, as had been stipulated by the start of class instructions, and then reinforced when Jesse suggested he could attempt the spell ‘first’. Neither could he qualitatively agree with the semantic content of either part of her exclamation.

“It wasn’t great,” he contradicted. “It was adequate, because you were disarmed,” he continued, “but I ideally wanted to catch your wand, not have it hit the ceiling and then fall down to land on you. If this were a real duel I would not have stalled you for long,” he explained. “If you did have a feeling that I would be good at the start, I expect it was unfounded,” he added pensively, “because my effort was only ‘okay’, not really ‘good’.” He did not seek reassurance, because it was only his first attempt and Jesse knew that practicing spells almost always yielded improvement, so he was optimistic that subsequent tries at the disarming Leah would be more gainful. He was judging his own performance honestly and objectively.

The fact that she alluded to having a premonition about his skills was interesting, though. “I am not skilled at Divining - I don’t think there has ever been a Seer in my family - and I don’t have feelings about whether things will turn out well or not,” he told Leah conversationally. “What gave you the impression I would perform any better than average, especially as I told you I hadn’t cast this spell before?” he asked her with mild curiosity.

Oh, but there was a class assignment to complete, and Leah had not yet had her turn. Jesse did not wish to distract her from her work. “You can have your turn at trying the spell before you answer, if you prefer,” he offered.

  • But your magic is real - Leah, Sun Aug 5 08:45
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    • So is yours - Jesse, Tue Aug 7 15:10
      • Well yes, but it might disappoint - Leah, Wed Aug 15 07:56
        Flustered, Leah twirled a strand of her hair. Jesse had talked a lot about why he thought that he didn’t deserve her praise, and even though he was being critical about his own performance, it still... more
        • Not likely - Jesse, Sat Aug 18 14:57
          Leah reiterated that it was just a ‘feeling’, which was not an especially specific answer - feeling cold, feeling sad and feeling pain were corresponding descriptors for temperature, emotion and... more
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