Impressive, since we stop learning math at eleven
Tue Aug 7, 2018 20:48

Kaye wrinkled her nose at the mention of physical therapy. That kind of thing sounded annoying. Lazy by nature, the Aquila couldn’t imagine caring about something so much that she’d put herself through that kind of painful recovery. She’d already lost her hair and dealt with the pain that came from lupus. If she lost a limb or something that would lead to excruciating hours of physical therapy, she’d be fine to call it quits. At that point it would be clear that her track record was pretty terrible and if she continued to fight on, she’d lose more limbs or gain more autoimmune diseases.

When Nolan made the plunge, Kaye fidgeted with her wig. It didn’t seem damaged or like it had touched the weird liquid-not-liquid the memories were made of. That was nice, at least. She didn’t know what spell she’d do to fix the wig. She doubted something damaged by memory juice could be recovered with normal methods or spells.

The memory was longer than she remembered. Or did it just feel that way because Nolan was seeing something no one else had before? She didn’t even talk to Ruben about losing her hair. Over the summer, they’d shared a bed together plenty of times (which her dads either ignored or literally didn’t catch on to), but it took a while before she’d go to sleep without a wig or hat on her head. The first time she did, she turned off all the lights first and told Ruben that if he tried to make it light enough to see, she’d murder him in his sleep. She’d gotten more comfortable towards the end of the summer, but it still took a while for her.

She hated backing out of challenges, though, and this one required pretty much no extra effort on her part.

As soon as Nolan backed away, she bottled the memory, looking forward to it being destroyed. She imagined it being shoved into a metal shredder and crushed into specks even smaller than dust. It was a satisfying image. She raised an eyebrow at Nolan, daring him to say something cheesy and pathetic.

But he didn’t, and she grinned, blue eyes twinkling with mischief. “Oh, absolutely. Pink bows, poofy dresses, the pride and joy of the Georgia Byrons.”

  • I know my arithmetic - Nolan, Thu Jul 26 14:27
    Nolan didn’t especially want to watch the accident that had ended with his leg being amputated, but watching Kaye watch it without having a solid idea of what she was seeing was freaky. It’d be nice... more
    • Impressive, since we stop learning math at eleven - Kaye, Tue Aug 7 20:48
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