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Tue Aug 7, 2018 23:31

The person to finally approach him was Nolan, whom he knew casually - they shared a few classes and he was pretty sure they’d wound up partners for at least two impossibly vague History assignments over the past year, because the result of a professor like Samuel Boot was that the cohort who decided to continue on with his class was small. But he certainly didn’t know Nolan well enough to consider him a friend, and it seemed Nolan felt the same way and/or had no particular interest in changing that, because he completely ignored Russell’s weak greeting question and soldiered on ahead of him into the cubicle. Well, then. Russell blinked behind his sunglasses, compulsively scratched at his stubbled cheek, emitted a quiet sigh, and followed. It was admittedly nice to not be expected to enter first, but it was also admittedly disappointing to not have an attempted interaction well-received.

So far, the people whom he’d had the friendliest interactions with this term, of all possible options, were Myffi (she was unsurprisingly good at forcing an interaction but kind enough to not make it too uncomfortable), Emmett (well, the time that he’d apologized, weird as it had been, as opposed to at the Opening Feast when he’d snapped at him and then stolen mooched not protested being handed his own dinner plate), and Dade (and not that he was one to hold out for something better, but with Rose looming in the background, that hadn’t felt exactly as friendly as it could have). Oh, and those new Draco first-years, he supposed. The one who sounded Australian had talked about him in a way that made it hard to know whether or not he should be insulted, but the other one, Jarrett, was all right, if a bit clingy and persistent when it came to improv hallway dance parties. Improvisation wasn’t difficult, as it was what his entire dance style was based off, but hallways? Public? Not Russell’s forte, nope.

Ahead of him, Nolan had reached the table in the room and was expressing his confusion about whatever item or items it held. He was tall enough that he likely could have seen over Nolan’s head fine, but standing behind him made no sense, so Russell migrated around the table. At least, up until the point at which he could see what was on the table. Oh no. Oh no. He promptly migrated in a quick tight circle until he stood facing the corner, trying to remember how to breathe properly, because this was just terrible.

Perhaps ironically, his first Jaws, who in retrospect had almost definitely been a street rat and not just a large mouse as his dad had let him believe, had been acquired via trap. His parents had a couple catch-and-release wire traps set up in the garage throughout most of his childhood, and at seeing his first ever rodent scrambling around the small cage, he had protested loudly enough that his dad had talked his mom into letting him keep it. That Jaws hadn’t lasted very long, only a few months if his memory served correct, and while there had likely been other catches that met more drastic ends in the years since, the younger Russell had been suitably distracted by his pet-store mice to not pay much more thought to what went on in the back of the garage. Wasn’t like he had any interest in learning to drive, and his skateboards all had their own storage in the basement, so he hadn’t spent much time in the garage anyways.

He knew about kill traps, and had seen them before when he made the poor choice to accompany his mom on a shopping mission (this had led to an immediate need to run outside and puke because the poor critters) (but luckily, his mom had agreed to his emphatic plea to switch out the restaurant’s glue traps for a more humane cage), but to come face-to-face with one in class was just. Not right. Aware that Nolan was waiting for him to answer, and probably judging him for his decision to avoid looking at the table, Russell forced a shaky breath in and then informed the younger student, “It’s a mousetrap. An inhumane one. You’ve got to do this one; I can’t.”

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    • Not this one - Russell, Tue Aug 7 23:31
      • How can you tell? - Nolan, Tue Aug 14 22:02
        Russell’s response was to go stand in a corner, so Nolan might have chosen wrong in the partner department. Great. He should’ve just picked Buckley. The guy was always going on about how having a... more
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          • You’re so evasive - Nolan, Mon Sep 3 09:25
            Russell said he couldn’t imagine why this was one of their tasks. Nolan agreed, but for different reasons. Why bother learning how to do things the Muggle way? Everyone at RMI had magic—hell, even... more
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