Vivica Dixon
But there is free, and there is free with a catch.
Wed Aug 8, 2018 07:22

The first rule of crazy club is, we donít talk about crazy club. The second rule crazy club is, we donít talk about crazy club!

Gigiís reaction made Vivica feel like sheíd overshared a little. ĎMore like a lot!í Vivica was normally the grownup in her groups. She often cared for the underlings and the smaller kids. The ones with disabilities and the oddballs. She was like a magnet for them. RMI however was different. He apparent overshare meant she was the oddball. Vivica felt that she had perhaps misread Gigiís confidence and her honesty regarding her mum. A small knot tightened in her stomach. Gigi hadnít ran away yet, but her initial reaction was clearly that of someone who wanted to avoid a subject. ĎGet out of this one!í

Gigiís proposal to continue with the casting was a welcome one. It avoided the previous awkwardness and they could carry on. íkeep calm and carry on! Yep, sheís a Brit. Vivica smiled and put some distance between them. Gigi had clearly got more, magic(?), skill(?), ability(?)í, ness about her and logically, her next cast would be stronger. Vivica stood again, braced for Gigiís magic to wash over and expel her wand from her clutches. This time however, Vivica gripped her wand with all her might. She held it so tight that her knuckles were beginning to turn white. A grip that, in her wholely ameature opinion, was completely impractical for a riposte cast. It would however prove to be a good test of Gigiís magical ability to de-wand Vivica.

Vivica felt like an excited deer in the headlights but she gave Gigi a smile and a nod to let her know she was ready.

  • I like free stuff - Gigi, Tue Aug 7 14:49
    Vivica started to explain, and basically the gist Gigi was getting was that her partner could hear voices. Now, Georgina didnít want to jump to conclusions, but in the magical or Muggle worlds,... more
    • But there is free, and there is free with a catch. - Vivica Dixon, Wed Aug 8 07:22
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