It may have been a mistake
Tue Aug 14, 2018 13:06

Almost all of Drew’s dueling experience was from self-defense club, and he’d noticed how dueling style varied between his friends. Remington was defensive and conservative until she saw an opening, and then she’d strike like a ninja. Anssi was defensive too, but more prone to dodging than blocking, and when he had to cast a spell, it was usually just a little jinx that inconvenienced his opponent instead of doing damage. Drew respected that: he didn’t like to cause pain either, although if the other person started it then all bets were off. Dade got very quiet and intense and focused. Duels with him didn’t last as long as with the others, because he used a lot of force (more than he needed to, Drew would argue) and it was hard to hold your own against him. The challenge with Kit was that she spent more time running around than throwing out spells—you didn’t have to worry about shields with her because when she did cast they usually flew off in some random direction—but it was hard to land any spells on Kit when she spent the whole duel bouncing around like Tigger after fourteen espressos.

Drew’s own style was less calculating than Remy’s, more offensive than Anssi’s, tamer than Dade’s, and less erratic than Kit’s. He liked to ease into a duel, starting small instead of bringing out the big guns right away. Because they were in Dueling Club with tons of witnesses right now, Drew would want to be careful about his spell choices. It was okay to show that he knew things outside the curriculum, but nothing that he’d gotten from too obscure a source. Claudia already knew that he knew about the Hanging Mirror Jinx and the Waking Nightmare Hex (and possibly some others—he wasn’t sure how much she’d seen in his notebook, exactly), but that didn’t mean Drew was all clear to use them. Besides, he wasn’t sure he could do mentally manipulative magic. He hadn’t tried those kinds of spells yet.

He’d said “ladies first,” but by the time Claudia got through her first incantation, Drew already had a shield charm up. Only it didn’t do him much good, because the older girl’s first spell was aimed at the ground he was standing on, not at Drew, and it turned the ground into quicksand.

No time to ease in—he was already easing right through the floor. He wasn’t sure if duro or finite would trap him partway into the floor, but he didn’t want to test the idea. The quicksand wasn’t all that quick. He took a few small steps backward, so he’d be able to get out once he found the edge of the trap. In the meantime, he couldn’t dodge, but unless she’d done it nonverbally without a gesture, she didn’t have a shield up.

Drew went for a cast before she could score another hit on him. The third year didn’t want to cast a spell that caused pain (at least, not until Claudia did) so his options were kind of limited. “Obscuro!” he started, to put a blindfold on her. She could pull that off easily, though, so—“Ferula!” The spell was technically for Healing, used to straighten a broken limb and set it with a bandage and splint, but hopefully here it would bind Claudia’s wand arm out straight so she couldn’t bend it. Again, it’d be easy enough for her to snap out of the bind, but at least Drew would have long enough to escape the quicksand without worrying. He cast the bandaging charm again, aiming at her non-dominant arm this time, before trying to exit the quicksand.

  • I admire your courage - Claudia, Tue Aug 14 09:34
    Claudia experienced considerably mixed emotions when Andrew Tennant placed himself in her opposition. She had been hoping for someone closer to her own age, who might present a worthy challenge,... more
    • It may have been a mistake - Drew, Tue Aug 14 13:06
      • I mean you no harm - Claudia, Tue Aug 14 14:25
        It occured to Claudia that she was among a select few people that knew Andrew was studying Dark magic. She wondered whether she could force him to show his hand, and by doing so demonstrate that she... more
        • Then this is a truce - Drew, Tue Aug 14 17:01
          Drew managed to get out of the quicksand while Claudia was distracted by his spells, but it pulled his right shoe off. He’d better get that back when the floor turned back to normal. The gray... more
          • It doesn’t look like a truce - Claudia , Thu Aug 16 13:30
            Andrew was moving about a lot. Claudia understood the purpose of this technique - and it was clearly working to her opponent’s advantage - but, despite her athletic attire, Claudia was reticent to... more
            • No white flags here - Drew, Mon Aug 20 17:48
              Drew’s satisfaction at his sneezing and shoe-tying spells hitting Claudia didn’t last long, as her next spell struck him. The room reeled around Drew like he’d just landed after doing barrel roll... more
              • I understand - Claudia, Tue Aug 21 09:41
                “Beats doing it alone,” Drew taunted her. Claudia wasn’t certain she believed him; having a person to practice with was probably beneficial, but then one ran the risk of being hexed in return. The... more
                • Well, maybe just one - Drew, Tue Aug 28 02:23
                  Drew was willing to admit it when he was wrong. It was a good trait to have, according to his dad. It had come in handy with the whole Dade and Remington situation—Drew had tried his hardest, and he... more
                  • Wise decision - Claudia, Thu Aug 30 12:32
                    There was something immensely satisfying about seeing Andrew hanging upside down by his ankle, especially as a result of her spell. His wand soared towards her; Claudia caught it and held it in the... more
                    • I’m known for my wisdom - Drew, Sat Sep 15 13:57
                      There was a little pause, and then Drew fell to the ground like his broom had disappeared out from under him. The landing was not graceful, but Drew could handle a few bumps and bruises. He was used... more
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