It doesn’t look like a truce
Thu Aug 16, 2018 13:30

Andrew was moving about a lot. Claudia understood the purpose of this technique - and it was clearly working to her opponent’s advantage - but, despite her athletic attire, Claudia was reticent to embrace it herself: she did not believe she would be able to summon the same level of focus when mobile as she accomplished when stationary. Instead, while unable to aim with accuracy at her moving target, she took advantage of Drew’s roll to finish shaking the remains of the bandage from her wand arm, which, she quickly realized, was an error: just because Drew presented a difficult target when he was moving, it did not necessarily follow that anything he cast would miss. Claudia felt his spell hit her face, and subsequently her nose suddenly prickled and her brown eyes watered as though she needed to - oh no. She didn’t have a handkerchief. Unable to prevent it, Claudia twisted her head and sneezed delicately into her shoulder.

Her third year opponent was landing more spells than Claudia would have liked. “Been practising?” Drew called, taunting her. Claudia sneezed again. Perhaps this spell-dodging tactic was worth a try after all? Yet no sooner had Claudia made an effort to shift the weight of her stance, she lost balance, so bent her knees into a crouch to prevent herself falling, just as another of Drew’s spells flew over her head. Claudia flung a Vertigo jinx at him; perhaps he might be less inclined to move around if it made him dizzy?

“Haven’t you?” Claudia retorted pointedly, knowing the truthful answer was affirmative. As if to underline the fact, she cast the Hanging Mirror jinx she’d first encountered written in Drew’s notebook, which turned its victim’s vision upside down and back to front. At the time she’d just thought Andrew and Dade were conspiring together, but Remington had corrected her that the Draco was involved, too. “With your little defense club,” Claudia added, because what else would one call a group of students gathering together to study the topic of defensive (and occasionally offensive) magic? She had learned the Waking Nightmare hex as a result of their studies; she wondered whether that’s how Dade had learned the spell he had used to attack Claudia. Had Drew researched it for him? Had Remington?

Claudia sneezed again, and then finally removed the spells acting on her with a quick finite. In the very next breath, she cast “Ilexolum,” covering the floor around Drew not with sand, this time, but with holly leaves. They wouldn’t injure him, but if he trod on them with his shoeless foot, or fell from disorientation, it would not be a pleasant sensation.

  • Then this is a truce - Drew, Tue Aug 14 17:01
    Drew managed to get out of the quicksand while Claudia was distracted by his spells, but it pulled his right shoe off. He’d better get that back when the floor turned back to normal. The gray... more
    • It doesn’t look like a truce - Claudia , Thu Aug 16 13:30
      • No white flags here - Drew, Mon Aug 20 17:48
        Drew’s satisfaction at his sneezing and shoe-tying spells hitting Claudia didn’t last long, as her next spell struck him. The room reeled around Drew like he’d just landed after doing barrel roll... more
        • I understand - Claudia, Tue Aug 21 09:41
          “Beats doing it alone,” Drew taunted her. Claudia wasn’t certain she believed him; having a person to practice with was probably beneficial, but then one ran the risk of being hexed in return. The... more
          • Well, maybe just one - Drew, Tue Aug 28 02:23
            Drew was willing to admit it when he was wrong. It was a good trait to have, according to his dad. It had come in handy with the whole Dade and Remington situation—Drew had tried his hardest, and he... more
            • Wise decision - Claudia, Thu Aug 30 12:32
              There was something immensely satisfying about seeing Andrew hanging upside down by his ankle, especially as a result of her spell. His wand soared towards her; Claudia caught it and held it in the... more
              • I’m known for my wisdom - Drew, Sat Sep 15 13:57
                There was a little pause, and then Drew fell to the ground like his broom had disappeared out from under him. The landing was not graceful, but Drew could handle a few bumps and bruises. He was used... more
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