Oh hey, me neither!
Wed Feb 1, 2017 20:40

With a skeptical humming noise, Russell shrugged. “I guess they might not.” He didn’t have as much faith as Danny about that, but it was kind of nice of the other boy to try reassuring him about it, he supposed. Alas, in his (admittedly limited) experience with other people, most had shown off the tendency to want to stick their fingers in everything they found even vaguely interesting for whatever reason. Oh, you wear sunglasses? And flip-flops? Do you like going to the beach? Why not? What’s wrong with your eyes? Wow, that’s weird! How do you even manage being alive and stuff? Ugh, how about not. Persistent questions in themselves weren’t too bad, but the usual pattern of the ones about him were irking. Equally irking were questions about things that should stay secret, such as Jaws.

Too bad ‘curiousity killed the cat’ didn’t literally kill cats; then he wouldn’t have had to hide his mouse.

Russell noted the other boy’s topic change with obvious relief. “Okay,” he echoed, nodding. He tugged his box-of-chaos closer to him, wondering where to start. McKindy had explained that new music charm, which they would have to learn how to cast, but also making the whole carousel seemed like a ton of work, so maybe they should start transfiguring things first and learn the charm later... Yeah, that seemed like the best order to him. Otherwise, what could they practice the charm on? Well, probably they could practice it on literally anything else in the room, but it still made more sense to prepare the whole physical part of the project first.

Danny’s next words pulled him a little off that line of thought, and he paused to consider it. “I’ve tried non-verbal before, uh, a couple times,” he edited as he recalled an exercise his tutor had encouraged him to try last year. It had been pretty basic - just levitating odd items on his desk, which was a charm he could do blindfolded (metaphorically and perhaps literally; he’d been briefly sun-blinded in one lesson and that was basically the same thing) and had achieved minor success with. Lifting the book and eraser hadn’t worked, but he had managed to get his pencil hovering for a moment. “I wasn’t super good at it, or even normal good, and I haven’t really tried it again since, but I did levitate a pencil that time. Well, for like... five seconds? Maybe less. It was kinda wobbly, too.” He fell abruptly silent, reminding himself to stop rambling. “Er, how about you?”

  • Okay. I don't sing. - Danny, Wed Feb 1 16:38
    Rusell’s reaction to Danny pointing at his pocket was both comical and alarming. The fifth year knew his eyebrows had approached his hairline of their own volition but he tried to hold back any... more
    • Oh hey, me neither! - Russell, Wed Feb 1 20:40
      • A common ground - Danny, Sat Feb 4 08:51
        “Oh yeah, I can levitate non-verbally, too,” Danny replied, pleased to have found some common ground and that the younger student wasn't going to instantly outshine him. The fifth year liked to be... more
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