Petra Stiglitz
My life skill is having ten siblings and not killing them
Fri Aug 17, 2018 22:06

Petra was very glad to be back at school. This time last year, her mother had been growing a new baby. Of course, this year, mother was taking care of a new baby. Nikolaus Lutz was the eleventh child in the Stiglitz family and he was definitely the last. Not even mother wanted another baby. But Klaus was what her papa called the most colicky baby that he had ever seen. He spent most of his time wailing and rustling around and crawling on the ground because he couldn’t walk yet. Despite being almost one, he still slobbered all over everything and Petra was sick of finding her things half gnawed on and covered in baby slime. It was totally gross and the fourteen year old was not about it.

What she was also not about was a mandatory Cultural Studies class. It had been a pretty calm afternoon when a note on the Common Room board had practically screamed at her because she was a fourth year. She had flinched, nearly letting out a girlish scream when it had started informing her about the class. It wasn’t that she didn’t like the class, or Professor Blair. In fact she thought both professor and subject were really important but not so important for her.

Having grown up in both the Muggle and Wizarding worlds, Petra felt that she had a pretty good grasp on how both cultures worked together and how they were different. That was really the only reason that she didn’t take it once she got to this year. It was just the idea of sacrificing her free time that bummed her out (although she definitely spent some of her time in the class when she was really bored and only then - despite Professor Blair’s efforts to convince her to just take the elective).

But once she got to the classroom and saw the actual setup, her curiosity made her forget all about the book she had been reading and all about whatever cool thing Professor Blair had thought up. The woman in question was already on top of a table which seemed pretty typical and the room was unusually set up. Of course, it was in the practical lab this time instead of in the lecture hall like every other lesson was. But even then, the practical lab had different areas covered by a grey mist that kept them from seeing what was in the space. As Professor Blair explained it, all the rooms held a different obstacle that they had to get past. Some rooms didn’t need magic and some did – and that was pretty wicked.

Petra was excited to get going and tackle the stuff – see how much she actually knew about both worlds (maybe if she really sucked at what they were doing she would consider actually taking the elective). As soon as they were released, Petra spun in a circle, trying to decide what cubicle to go to. A couple people picked the ones she thought of going to, and she started a game of “eenie-meenie-miney-mo” in her head. The one that she picked looked okay and she hadn’t really seen anyone going in that direction so she went for it. She had to pause before she went headfirst into the mist, not wanting to be on the receiving end of whatever would happen if she took her wand in because this one was marked. Petra deposited her magic stick into the box with her apparent partners and took a deep breath.

Her toes hurt as soon as she stepped through the grey mist, which was probably because of the first person backtracking right into her. “Ouch,” she yelped, trying not to stumble too far backwards. The guy in front of her verbally apologized. But it sounded muffled. Upon further inspection, Petra found that Connor Farnon was holding his nose and mouth – the source of the muffled sound. The fourth year stifled a giggle at the visual image and shrugged. “No worries Connor,” she said, her own nose wrinkling a the smell coming from a toilet in the room. “That’s what shoes are for anyway.” For once, Petra was glad that she was wearing sensible shoes instead of her typical slip on cloth shoes.

Grey eyes rolled pretty hard at the antics of the one in front of her. “Oh come on,” she said, stopping Connor from leaving the cubicle. Sure, the smell was bad, but Petra had definitely come across worse. Like one of the twins “science projects” made of everything they could find that had sat in the sun for a few days. “This doesn’t even smell as bad as one of Klaus’ dirty diapers.” And that kid had some pretty explosive business going on sometimes. So the smell didn’t really phase her, but she certainly didn’t like it. “We’d be able to tell if something died and I don’t think Professor Blair will help us because of a smell.” Really, Petra felt like Professor Blair would kill them if they whined about that and then they would really have a smelly issue on their hands. The girl did wish she had her wand though, because she wouldn’t actually have to manually do it if she could just wave her wand to use the plunger. “We’ve got to unclog it and as soon as we do that the smell will be gone – and we can get out of here if it lingers.”

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    • My life skill is having ten siblings and not killing them - Petra Stiglitz, Fri Aug 17 22:06
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