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Sat Aug 18, 2018 14:57

Leah reiterated that it was just a ‘feeling’, which was not an especially specific answer - feeling cold, feeling sad and feeling pain were corresponding descriptors for temperature, emotion and physical sensation, none of which were applicable to predicting the outcome of a stranger’s spellcasting abilities - but Jesse had no grounds on which to interrogate her further. Leah postulated that practicing divining yielded more accurate results, as Jesse had observed was the case with spell casting. As he had not yet studied the subject, he was ill-equipped to answer her query. “I don’t know,” he replied, and then temporarily let the matter drop to allow his partner to concentrate on her own attempt to cast the disarming spell.

Leah took a few steps back, raised her wand, and seemed to talk herself up a little bit. Jesse had noticed many idiosyncrasies students demonstrated before casting, including brandishing their wand, taking a couple of deep breaths, muttering the spell under their breath before casting it, and, as Leah had done, say some other words that were unrelated to the spell. He presumed that as the witch or wizard became more adept at that spell, these preparations would become less necessary; these assumptions were based purely on an appreciation that it must be tiresome to perform this brief ritual before every spell, and the evidence that none of the adult witches or wizards Jesse knew made any sort of rehearsal before simply casting spells in their day to day usage. Besides, he had a brief warning period before Leah cast the spell, during which - were these a proper duel - he might have taken steps to prevent her from being successful in relieving him of his wand. In this situation, however, Jesse merely adjusted his grip so he held his wand correctly but loosely, and moments later the instrument slipped from his grasp and clattered to the floor between the two beginner students.

“That was an excellent first attempt,” Jesse narrated to Leah as he moved to collect his wand. He suspected it had landed slightly closer to Leah than to himself, but without an instrument for measuring distance he could not be completely certain of the accuracy of his estimation. “My wand even landed quite close to you,” he elaborated unnecessarily. “Well done.” The second year felt something akin to pride on his Housemate’s behalf.

“If you wouldn’t mind, I would like to have a second attempt,” he suggested. “I am hoping that I can improve since on my first try, and maybe perform as well as you just did,” Jesse explained. And then, because he had suddenly thought of it, he added, “To better answer your earlier question, I have heard that some Seers are born with natural talent, but I don’t imagine it would damage their skills in any way to practice their skills. In third year you can add elective classes to your schedule,” he reminded Leah, “or there are textbooks that explore divination in the library, if you wish to further investigate your ‘feelings’.”

  • Well yes, but it might disappoint - Leah, Wed Aug 15 07:56
    Flustered, Leah twirled a strand of her hair. Jesse had talked a lot about why he thought that he didn’t deserve her praise, and even though he was being critical about his own performance, it still... more
    • Not likely - Jesse, Sat Aug 18 14:57
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