Kaye Packman
Do you, though?
Sun Aug 19, 2018 17:39

Around two that morning, Kaye had woken up with a low grade fever and swollen knees. This hadn’t come as a surprise, since she’d covered up her butterfly rash with foundation the day before, but it still wasn’t fun. Her lupus symptoms had been relatively well managed, so flares were less common, but when they happened they seriously sucked. She’d rifled through her drawer, not really caring if she woke up Heather, and found the fever reducing potion she’d been given several doses of for nights like this. She took that, as well as a painkiller, and pulled the blankets up to her chin.

She barely stirred when Heather got up several hours later, humming some bouncy pop tune. That woke her, but she barely felt like moving. Her fever had mostly returned to normal, but her body felt like it had been through hell. Like, someone had connected little devices to her fingers, toes, knees, and elbows, and with the press of a button could make them throb and feel warmer than the rest of her body in an instant. But she was still cold, so the blanket stayed.

An hour after Heather left, she tried another dose of painkiller and covered her head with a pillow. Her demon cat plushie from Ruben was tucked under her chin, and the Aquila slept for a while longer. She knew this meant she’d probably have trouble sleeping that night, but that was a problem for future Kaye.

Eventually her stomach broke past the fatigue and grumbled uncomfortably until she sat up and accepted that it was just going to be a terrible day. After her stomach gurgled uncomfortably again, she pulled herself out of bed and to the mirror. She didn’t remember falling asleep last night, but apparently she hadn’t removed any makeup before bed. She touched up what was there, smudging the eyeliner to be much more even around her blue eyes, and made sure that her foundation was still providing enough coverage to hide the hideous rash that spread across both cheeks and the bridge of her nose. Once her regular black wig with red highlights was on her head, and she’d thrown on a comfortable outfit (no corset, but an extremely sheer black top and jeans just slightly looser than normal), Kaye stuffed her slightly swollen feet into the the only pair of sneakers she owned.

Merlin, she looked like a mess, and she’d already missed a couple of classes.

Despite feeling ravenous, the skinny seventh year only picked at her food in the Diner. This absolutely wasn’t normal for her, and she hated it. If Ruben were there, he would’ve made her eat something while blaming it on how little effort she put into exercising. That a good run or one hundred sit ups would do the trick. Exercise seemed to be his favorite form of medicine. Danny would bring her notes from the classes they shared paired with food for her to eat. Man, it really had to be a pain day if she was lamenting the absence of Danny freaking Dubois.

She noticed the time and decided that going to the random required class would take less effort than returning to Aquila. It felt like it was closer to walk to. Kaye wasn’t too sure if that was accurate, but she just didn’t want to think about it. She’d go, suffer through, and then it’d be over with. Besides, the random classes often proved to be entertaining, and she wouldn’t mind a good laugh.

The Aquila sat in the back of the classroom and listened to a clearly perturbed Professor Blair introduce what they were doing. Ah, so this was mostly for rich purebloods and other useless creatures. It’d be easy enough to muddle through, then, and definitely held the promise to entertain that she’d hoped for. Unfortunately, someone followed Connor Farnon into his cubicle before Kaye could get herself upright and moving. With a sigh, she placed her wand in the designated spot of a nearby option and walked on through.

“Any idea what this is all about? I mean, merlin. This has be the dumbest thing we’ve done in this class and that is really saying something.”

Kaye blinked at Leo, then raised her perfectly recreated eyebrows. “It’s a fitted sheet, dude. What, she didn’t leave instructions on what you’re supposed to do with it?”

  • I've got this... - Leopold Harris, Sun Aug 19 16:02
    Leo rubbed his temples. His head was throbbing. He’d spent the morning holed up in the library and still hadn’t managed to fill one sheet of parchment for his Spellwork essay. Normally, he studied... more
    • Do you, though? - Kaye Packman, Sun Aug 19 17:39
      • I'm hurt by your lack of faith in me - Leo, Sun Aug 19 19:41
        Leo was disappointed. There were certain people he expected to take his side on things (especially when the ‘thing’ he was criticising was the establishment, and pointless lessons geared toward a... more
        • Does my lack of faith... disturb you? - Kaye, Sun Aug 19 20:56
          Leo grumpily explained that he knew what he was holding was a sheet, which meant that Kaye had completely misunderstood his statement when she entered the room. She was just too fatigued to pay that... more
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