I'm hurt by your lack of faith in me
Sun Aug 19, 2018 19:41

Leo was disappointed. There were certain people he expected to take his side on things (especially when the ‘thing’ he was criticising was the establishment, and pointless lessons geared toward a particular set of privileged pupils) and Kaye was one of them. Sure, he didn’t know her all that well, and no Leo hadn’t liked her boyfriend Ruben all that much, but she at least held some disdain for RMI and he’d always admired her vendetta against her roommate, Heather. Leo had never held strong opinions on Heather, but he knew how annoying a roommate could be (thanks, Roger), and after Heather started running her mouth off about Myffi, Leo had quickly grown to dislike the older girl. With all this in mind, Leo had assumed Kaye would agree that they should have given normal people like Leo the option of sitting out this lesson, but nope.

“I know what it is,” Leo bit back, annoyed, “I was just expecting something a little more, I don’t know...exciting?” He tossed the sheet on the ground, leaving it in a crumpled heap and glanced around the cubicle for some direction. Spotting a piece of parchment on top of the chest, Leo felt his neck begin to heat up. So Kaye was right about the directions, whatever, he was still right about how stupid this all was. “Right. So, it says here we just need to fold it and pack it away,” he gave the chest a tap with his foot, “in here.”

Leo rolled his eyes. This had to be the most ridiculous task assigned today. “Sounds like it should be easy enough.” Had Leo done a lot of folding in his life? Not really, no. He let his mom see to most of his washing, and honestly he believed in folding stuff as much as he believed in ironing. It was a huge waste of time and like his mom said, once you hang it up most of the creases will fall out. Leo wasn’t great at hanging stuff up either but he was going for an unkempt look-or so he would tell people anyway.

Crouching on the ground he grabbed two edges of the sheet and folded them on top of each other only for the fabric to fight back and spring apart the moment he let go. Welp. Looked like Leo didn’t have a knack for this folding stuff. “Well, obviously, these sheets have been cursed because they do not want to mingle,” Leo joked, before rubbing his nose in irritation. Yup. This was going to be a test of his patience and Leo could already tell he was going to lose.

  • Do you, though? - Kaye Packman, Sun Aug 19 17:39
    Around two that morning, Kaye had woken up with a low grade fever and swollen knees. This hadn’t come as a surprise, since she’d covered up her butterfly rash with foundation the day before, but it... more
    • I'm hurt by your lack of faith in me - Leo, Sun Aug 19 19:41
      • Does my lack of faith... disturb you? - Kaye, Sun Aug 19 20:56
        Leo grumpily explained that he knew what he was holding was a sheet, which meant that Kaye had completely misunderstood his statement when she entered the room. She was just too fatigued to pay that... more
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