Jim was okay
Thu Feb 2, 2017 14:26

“Box sounds like a plan. Probably easier than the blocks.” The wooden blocks in the boxes seemed more solid than the thinner, more flexible walls of the box. To say nothing of material. Holland knew some types of wood were easier to manipulate than others, but they couldn’t identify types of wood on sight, and their options weren’t labeled.

Holland had hoped that Marissa could solve the egg problem—they’d seen Marissa talking to Professor McKindy before class started, so he could have mentioned part of the lesson plan—but no dice. Maybe they were just talking about family stuff. Marissa’s mom was Counselor Tennant’s goddaughter or something like that—Marissa had explained it but Holland wasn’t completely clear on the finer details—the point was that they were sort of related. Marissa babysat for the McKindy-Tennants sometimes. Their daughter Madeleine was possibly the cutest child on Earth.

Anyway, Marissa was probably right and the egg was probably not for eating. Holland put the eggs away—hopefully inspiration would strike them before too long—and instead thought about their overall project design. The fifth-year preferred having a good idea of the end result before they started work on anything. It was why they were planning to do the find-your-animagus-form ritual before starting any of the transfigurations for it. Right now they were still in the get-better-at-wandless-and-nonverbal-magic stage of the process, which was coming along tediously. Holland wanted to wait until they were decent at at least one of those skills before they did the ritual, in case their form was so boring or inconvenient that finding out would take away all their motivation to continue.

A little carousel-music-box-thing was the kind of decorative knicknack Mom would totally put in the store. But what to put on it? Holland scribbled a quick list of four-legged hoofed animals in their notebook. Holland was a big believer in lists. And documentation.

And aliens, also.

After striking through several options, Holland decided to populate their carousel with winged horses. They chose one of the marbles from their box and placed it in the palm of their off hand. Holland did the correct wand motion and thought the incantation very hard. Without changing temperature, the marble melted.

“Whoa, oops,” they said, the semi-glass rolling through their fingers. Holland brushed the rest of the marble into an approximate puddle on the table. “Little bit too fluid. Even for me,” they joked, and tried the spell again, out loud this time. The marble mess reconfigured itself into a thin but three-dimensional winged horse. “This one can be a thestral,” they decided. They glanced over at Marissa’s materials to see if she’d made anything yet. “Are you doing a theme or just making horses?”

  • Don't get me started on Tom - Marissa Kendrick (5th Year Aquila), Sat Jan 28 17:52
    Just because she was related-but-not-related-but-related to Professor Aaron McKindy did not mean that Marissa found Spellwork to be any easier than other classes. The red head didn’t actually know... more
    • Jim was okay - Holland, Thu Feb 2 14:26
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