Does my lack of faith... disturb you?
Sun Aug 19, 2018 20:56

Leo grumpily explained that he knew what he was holding was a sheet, which meant that Kaye had completely misunderstood his statement when she entered the room. She was just too fatigued to pay that much attention. Apparently he’d been talking about the class as a whole, and he made a fair assessment. “No, you’re right. This class is total bullshit.”

She moved stiffly from the entrance to find a place she could sit. Standing was completely overrated and she wanted to do that even less than she wanted to participate in this nonsense. Leo could definitely be entertaining, though. She didn’t know much about him, but he had an attitude that tended to mesh quite nicely with hers. They both came across as snarky, annoyed by the vapidness of most of their peers, and tired of the majority of what Rocky Mountain International had to offer - or what it didn’t have to offer, honestly. He was friends with Nolan and Myffi. She’d always enjoyed Nolan’s company. He wasn’t as fun to mess with as Danny, because Danny cared so much and Nolan cared so little, but they still got along. She and Myffi recently managed to come to an understanding and find things in common. Maybe she could keep falling into that group and get to know Leo, too.

“Yeah, she totally could have stuck you with something more entertaining,” she agreed, “Like… oh, cleaning up after you put the wrong kind of soap in the dishwasher. Or putting together Ikea furniture without magic.”

She hated Ikea furniture and absolutely planned to use magic when it came time to put all that together. Really, she hoped that anything she found for her college apartment or dorm or whatever would come from flea markets and thrift shops. They were interesting, had history, and required absolutely no effort to put together. Magic would make them simple to transport, too. But if she really needed to get Ikea furniture, she would not put that together the Muggle way.

“Fitted sheets are the worst,” she said from her spot on the ground. Kaye wrinkled her nose and held out her hand towards Nolan. “She says we have to fold it, but that doesn’t mean we have to fold it well. That’s not part of the instructions, right? Just half-ass it and shove it in the drawer. Be done with it.”

  • I'm hurt by your lack of faith in me - Leo, Sun Aug 19 19:41
    Leo was disappointed. There were certain people he expected to take his side on things (especially when the ‘thing’ he was criticising was the establishment, and pointless lessons geared toward a... more
    • Does my lack of faith... disturb you? - Kaye, Sun Aug 19 20:56
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