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Tue Aug 21, 2018 09:41

“Beats doing it alone,” Drew taunted her. Claudia wasn’t certain she believed him; having a person to practice with was probably beneficial, but then one ran the risk of being hexed in return. The spells that Drew had used against Claudia were mostly harmless (as were the ones she had used against him), but she would bet her wardrobe and all its contents that he knew far more damaging hexes than he was prepared to use in the classroom. Claudia had not minded learning alone. It was helpful to have received the tip, if by accident, on where to begin looking, but then each new book she found led her to another, each type of spell illuminating a whole genre to be researched. Claudia’s favorite by far was mind manipulation, but she did agree with Professor McKindy’s instruction that it was mostly unethical, and the legalities around using most of the spells she had encountered rendered them sketchy at best. So as much as Claudia wanted to make Andrew believe that Dade had set Madeleine Tennant on fire - Dade’s record was against him, and Claudia had realistic memories to draw on; she was certain she could do it - she was playing by the rules and keeping the most effective spells in her arsenal concealed.

Another implication of Drew’s jeer was that his methods yielded more superior results. Now that hypothesis did have some merit; Claudia’s own interest in less mundane magic had been spurred by discovering Drew’s work. If two heads were indeed better than one, as proverb would have one believe, then a group of students studying together would certainly yield a greater number of spells researched, although quantity did not necessarily equate to quantity. As for the individual witch or wizard’s learning ability, that would probably depend on how receptive he or she was to learning as part of a group. Claudia often did her best work unencumbered by company. If working as a group really beat working alone, why had both her spells to disorient Drew landed on their target, and she was doing just fine? “I seem to be managing more than adequately,” she countered, airly.

Now her shoelaces were no longer tied together, Claudia rose from her crouched position, inadvertently presenting a bigger target for Drew’s return spell (she had to give him credit for managing to aim at her, even though his vision was distorted). It landed, but as she made it to her full height, the fifth year wasn’t sure what its effects were, as she was experiencing none. That was disconcerting. It was also disconcerting to watch her opponent empty the contents of his stomach onto the exercise mats. Revolting, but proof at least that her techniques were having some effect. Claudia was still deciding which spell to use to to further discombobulate her opponent - something rushing unpredictably towards him would be ideal, as his co-ordination was compromised - when Drew uttered the banishing spell that sent the vomit-coated flora in her direction.

Claudia did not hesitate to vanish the mess, successfully dematerializing all but a few spiked tips that lightly littered the floor around her. She had evaded an excessively unpleasant experience, but the humiliation and outrage she would have endured should the matter have run its course were already in their infancy, raising her heart rate. If Andrew was disposed to fling his own vomit at her, Claudia wanted this duel ended with immediate effect. She cast Levicorpus (let him figure out where to aim when he was hanging upside down but his vision was still flipped), Langlock (let him cast a spell when his tongue was stuck to the roof of his mouth), and then - despite it being redundant if she had successfully hit her target on both of the prior spells - Expelliarmus. Even if Drew managed to retain his hold on his wand, Claudia’s message was clear: she was done.

  • No white flags here - Drew, Mon Aug 20 17:48
    Drew’s satisfaction at his sneezing and shoe-tying spells hitting Claudia didn’t last long, as her next spell struck him. The room reeled around Drew like he’d just landed after doing barrel roll... more
    • I understand - Claudia, Tue Aug 21 09:41
      • Well, maybe just one - Drew, Tue Aug 28 02:23
        Drew was willing to admit it when he was wrong. It was a good trait to have, according to his dad. It had come in handy with the whole Dade and Remington situation—Drew had tried his hardest, and he... more
        • Wise decision - Claudia, Thu Aug 30 12:32
          There was something immensely satisfying about seeing Andrew hanging upside down by his ankle, especially as a result of her spell. His wand soared towards her; Claudia caught it and held it in the... more
          • I’m known for my wisdom - Drew, Sat Sep 15 13:57
            There was a little pause, and then Drew fell to the ground like his broom had disappeared out from under him. The landing was not graceful, but Drew could handle a few bumps and bruises. He was used... more
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