Brynjolf Nilssen
If you squint, it's hidden in the A
Tue Aug 21, 2018 21:10

Bryn didn’t mind the mandatory classes that cropped up every now and then, but the last time there had been one for Cultural Studies it had involved a thing that behaved like a baby. That was not something that Bryn was interested in doing again no matter how “mandatory” it was. Yet he still found himself trudging along to the class, hoping that it wouldn’t give Norah significantly more ammo to throw at him. So far, she hadn’t really succeeded in making his life miserable at the school, but he wasn’t sure how many people actually stuck them together as siblings considering they could never be found near each other. It was how Bryn aimed for it to stay because he didn’t want to be associated with the little nuisance.

As usual, it seemed, Professor Blair was standing on an object that made her slightly taller than the rest of the class. It was occasions like this when the Draco remembered that the woman wasn’t as scary as he’d thought she was back in second and third year. In fact, he found that she was quite an amusing woman and he certainly was no longer scared of her. Her classes though, remained to be uninteresting to him. He really didn’t have any use for them as he was still planning on pursuing his Healing career. Being a Mediwizard wouldn’t be so bad, but he failed to see why he would need any of these “non-magical” life skills when he would have magic anyway. It seemed pointless.

Still, when dismissed, Bryn found himself wandering towards one of the unoccupied cubicles. There was a box for his wand outside of this one and instead of risking whatever would happen if they didn’t put their wands in, the sixth year reluctantly dug his out of his pocket and shoved it in the container. Then, he walked into the cubicle. He was met with a door in the middle of a room. The top didn’t touch the ceiling and there wasn’t any walls on either side to block him from going through. It puzzled him as to what he was supposed to do with it. Sitting against the wall of the area was a table with a few containers on it and Bryn walked over to pick one up. The label read that it was petroleum jelly. Grimacing, the blonde set it back down and shook his head. Again, pointless.

There was a voice that sounded from behind him and it was all too familiar. Somehow, he wound up partnered with Myffi a lot, at least that was how it seemed to him. Or maybe it was that he bumped into her a lot. Either way, he wasn’t really complaining, he found that talking to her was pretty cool – she had a lot of great ideas and really seemed to do a lot at RMI. She was Head Girl this year and she seemed to be taking it more seriously than some of the previous Heads. Bryn was still a prefect and wore the badge on his robes as usual. For this class though, he’d elected to fold the uniform up and tuck it away into his bag considering Professor Blair’s description, he certainly felt like it was better off if his school clothes stayed put away. His normal clothes consisted of a simple grey shirt and some blue jeans while he’d seen others still wearing their uniform robes. It was unusual to see Myffi without her bright colored clothes, but he was sure that she still had an arsenal of eccentric wearables hidden beneath the grey robes they all wore. “Hullo Myffi,” he said, turning to face her, or her head as she had yet to fully step through the haze. Glancing back at the doorway, he shrugged. “I don’t really know. There’s a door in the center and a couple things on that table over there, but I’m not sure what we’re supposed to do with it.”

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