It's an optical illusion
Wed Aug 22, 2018 15:55

Myfanwy wasn’t disappointed to find Brynjolf already in the cubicle she had selected. They shared a lot of classes together (one less since Myffi had dropped potions; she was really good at it but she was just going to fail the class anyway as Rob didn’t care for her vegan ingredient suggestions, so she had stopped wasting her time attending classes) and he was a good partner for assignments. She dropped her wand in the box outside and stepped fully into their workspace as Bryn greeted her. She noticed that the sixth year wasn’t wearing his robes, and as they weren’t anywhere to be witnessed by staff or other students right now, Myffi decided to follow his lead, her monotone uniform robes peeling easily away to reveal the far more brightly coloured ensemble beneath. She stored them in her familiar canvas bag, which she dropped unceremoniously at the edge of the enclosed space.

Bryn outlined what he’d found in the room already - somewhat unnecessarily, as the contents were fairly obvious to the Lyra once she was fully in the cubicle, but it was friendly of him to have offered the information anyway - and Myffi glanced over the assorted products on the table. There didn’t seem to be much connection between some of the items beyond their names: petroleum jelly and grape jelly, beeswax and candle wax. Nonplussed, Myffi turned her attention to the random door as she said, “Seems we’re supposed to sort a problem without magic.” It was a safe bet, as they had needed to leave their wands outside, “That always strikes me as a bit of a weird assignment strategy for a magic school,” Myffi mused aloud.

The seventh year gripped the handle of the door and pushed, expecting it to be locked. Therefore she was surprised when it opened easily, but made a horrific screeching sound, like fingernails down a chalkboard, or a small child with a descant recorder. “Right, well I’m going to assume we need to make the door stop being squeaky,” she said, shaking her head at the absurdity of this class. “Any of those bottles got a label that says WD-40?” Her tone was hopeful but not optimistic. “My Mum’s a Muggle,” Myffi told Bryn, in case it hadn’t come up in their conversations before. She believed he was from one of the fancier sorts of wizarding families, so maybe he didn’t even know what WD-40 was. “My Dad could obviously do spells around the house and things,” she chatted on, “but it made sense to keep up appearances for the neighbours, and sometimes my Dad was busy with work and whatever. They live with lots of other Muggles now, but there aren’t many doors to worry about squeaking,” she chuckled to herself. Leaving the door ajar, Myffi returned to the table. “So what have we got?”

  • If you squint, it's hidden in the A - Brynjolf Nilssen, Tue Aug 21 21:10
    Bryn didn’t mind the mandatory classes that cropped up every now and then, but the last time there had been one for Cultural Studies it had involved a thing that behaved like a baby. That was not... more
    • It's an optical illusion - Myfanwy, Wed Aug 22 15:55
      • Brynjolf quirked a grin at the girl as she discarded her robe and stepped further into the room. He was glad to see the normal bright colors that accompanied Myffi’s personality and it put him at... more
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