Armaan Bansal, [Aquila]
Only if you do all the work.
Fri Feb 3, 2017 22:28

So on the plus side, Lucien was taking charge of the potion leaving Armaan with little to do. Things were going according to plan. On the down side, Armaan was bored and hungry. Standing by the older boy, he sighed loudly, tapping his hands on the table to an imaginary beat. He looked around the room, smirking at the students who were hard at work.

“Do you think this is really going to take as long as Rob said it would?” Nothing. It was like Lucien hadn’t even heard him. “Helloooo.” Armaan sighed loudly again, then plodded over to his table. He rummaged through his bag, looking for something to eat. He could usually rely on finding an old granola bar or bag of chips in there. He heard a faint crinkling as he reached the bottom and triumphantly grabbed at it, pulling whatever it was out quickly. His face fell in dismay at the empty bag of gummy bears in his hand. He peered into the darkness of his bag, considering - some probably fell out - but thought it was probably best not to try his luck with those potentially salvageable gummy bears. Who knew how long they’d been in his bag?

Armaan walked back over to Lucien, who, in his eyes, hadn’t really made any progress with the potion. “Seriously, Lucien, how long is this going to take?” His last minute failure to find food had only made him hungrier. He got no response from the other boy. Either he was being ignored, or Lucien had the focus of…well…he couldn’t think of a good comparison, what with his hunger. Armaan’s stomach rumbled as he walked back to his table and popped open his Potions kit. Surely something in there had to be edible. He lifted a piece of Willowbark and put it on his tongue but nearly wretched at the acrid taste and quickly spat it back out. Gross.

Just then he heard Lucien talking and quickly scuttled back over. Agrimony. Agrimony. What was Agrimony again? “Uhhh…let me grab my potions kit.” Yellow flower! Armaan recalled what Lucien was asking for as he returned, kit in hand. He sorted through his ingredients haphazardly, his search ending with three sad, bruised petals on the table. “Heh,” he grinned sheepishly “d’you think these’ll work?” His stomach rumbled once more, loudly. “Also, do you have any food?”

  • Only if it doesn't get in my way. - Lucien, Fri Jan 20 23:47
    Grumbling rude but barely-audible things in French under his breath, Lucien took several pieces of willow bark and began grinding it under his marble pestle while watching Armaan's disorganized... more
    • Only if you do all the work. - Armaan Bansal, [Aquila], Fri Feb 3 22:28
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