It's not an illusion, it just looks like one
Fri Sep 14, 2018 14:51

Brynjolf quirked a grin at the girl as she discarded her robe and stepped further into the room. He was glad to see the normal bright colors that accompanied Myffi’s personality and it put him at ease for some reason. He didn’t like seeing people forced to do things that weren’t them and it was like part of Myffi was missing in those dull robes. He’d grown far too used to her bubbly personality and her unique views. He missed being able to work on Potions with her since she no longer took it, but it wasn’t for everybody that was for certain. He returned his gaze to the table and door issue, listening as his fellow student mentioned the idea of a non-magical solution. He couldn’t help but chuckle at her next comment.

“I agree,” Bryn said, nodding as he walked over to the table again as Myffi neared the door. “I was thinking the same thing when I walked in.” He hadn’t been fond of leaving his wand in the box outside, but he could still do some non-verbal magic. In Professor Blair’s class though, he wasn’t stupid enough to try it. God knew what the woman had instore for any of the more advanced students that tried to accomplish a muggle task with non-verbal magic. It would probably both disastrous and hilarious at the same time and all the Draco knew was that he didn’t want it happening to him. So he’d just have to work with whatever mundane practice they had to use to fix whatever this problem was. Which left the question of what was the problem? Myffi had gripped the handle of the door, pushing it open and Bryn expected something to happen.

There wasn’t anything abrupt or devastating, but the door made a screeching noise. Bryn winced a little, thanking all his stars that he was deaf in one ear and not so good in the other. “It’s not supposed to do that, I imagine?” He mused out loud, listening to Myffi as best he could while rubbing a little at his ear. The noise had actually hurt a little with its volume and he tried to focus again on what they were supposed to be doing. “Erm,” he murmured, turning to the table as Myffi continued speaking after her question. “WD-40? Not that I can see?” He continued to keep his good ear turned towards the other person in the room, smiling to himself as she continued to chat about things. He liked that about her. Some of his other partners were dry and didn’t talk about much of anything besides the work they were doing.

“We didn’t have anything like that,” he said, trying to make sure that one of the various labels didn’t read WD-40. He shook his head, about to confirm until he realized that Myffi was standing beside him when he faintly heard her voice. Maneuvering around the table so he could see both her and the items, as well as hear her properly, Bryn shrugged. “I’m not really sure. But it seems to be different types of things. This one is jelly and that one over there-“ he paused, pointing to a suspiciously brown looking substance in a jar “claims to be peanut butter on the top but I don’t know that I believe it.”

  • It's an optical illusion - Myfanwy, Wed Aug 22 15:55
    Myfanwy wasn’t disappointed to find Brynjolf already in the cubicle she had selected. They shared a lot of classes together (one less since Myffi had dropped potions; she was really good at it but... more
    • It's not an illusion, it just looks like one - Bryn, Fri Sep 14 14:51
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