I’m known for my wisdom
Sat Sep 15, 2018 13:57

There was a little pause, and then Drew fell to the ground like his broom had disappeared out from under him. The landing was not graceful, but Drew could handle a few bumps and bruises. He was used to knocking into furniture or getting blasted by one of Ruben’s crazy spells during dueling practice. None of Claudia’s spells up until now had actually hurt, even if all the vertigo had made him feel sick.

Claudia really didn’t mess around. He couldn’t imagine what she would’ve done if anything more serious than jinxes had come into play. Drew wondered how much of this would get back to Dade, and what new thing the other Cetus would have to say about Claudia. Probably that she was trying to trick everyone into thinking she wasn’t evil by using spells that just conjured holly or flipped someone’s vision. At this point, Drew didn’t think it was possible to convince Dade that Claudia wasn’t an active threat—she’d proved herself powerful and not exactly an ally, and whenever someone mentioned her in his company, Dade totally lost it. After what had gone down with Remington, Drew had resolved to just avoid the subject of Claudia with Dade at all costs. The strategy was working so far.

Thankfully, Claudia cancelled all the spells on him without his asking. The recurring nausea faded away. He assumed she would have taken all his spells off of herself by now, but Drew couldn’t be sure. Had his penultimate jinx landed? Maybe he’d missed—it was hard to tell when he’d had to aim upside down and backwards. Or maybe she just wouldn’t figure it out until later, when she tried to change and her underwear was sewn to her pants. That would be hilarious. It was a little disappointing that Drew wouldn’t get to see her expression when she figured out what had happened, especially because Claudia didn’t seem like the kind of person who would tell him about a well-done prank on her later, but it’d still be pretty funny.

He was surprised to see his adversary (with his newly non-inverted vision) walk over and bend down, her hand extended toward him. After a second’s thought (the thoughts went: she’s being sportsmanlike, or maybe sportswomanlike, but either way, what the hell, I’m not gonna reject a hand up just because Dade might think we’re plotting something something together if I interact with her in a non-antagonistic way), Drew took Claudia’s hand, letting the older girl help him up. Once he was standing, he let go, but kept his hand out for her to give his wand back.

  • Wise decision - Claudia, Thu Aug 30 12:32
    There was something immensely satisfying about seeing Andrew hanging upside down by his ankle, especially as a result of her spell. His wand soared towards her; Claudia caught it and held it in the... more
    • I’m known for my wisdom - Drew, Sat Sep 15 13:57
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