A common ground
Sat Feb 4, 2017 08:51

“Oh yeah, I can levitate non-verbally, too,” Danny replied, pleased to have found some common ground and that the younger student wasn't going to instantly outshine him. The fifth year liked to be the best; not so much that he was willing to work hard for it, but he was lucky in being sufficiently gifted to perform better in classes than most of his yeargroup, most of the time. Not Rose, perhaps, because she was good in class and she worked hard - in fact Danny had sometimes gotten the impression that his idle success bothered her. She should be pleased, really, because if Danny weren't so lazy then maybe he would be top of the class, instead.

“I haven't had any luck with wandless yet,” he said with less enthusiasm. “I really want to be an animagus so I'm supposed to be able to do that.” He had practised. A little. Without much dedication. Leaving his wand on the desk, Danny pushed the box of parts for the assignment to the far side of the bench, and tried summoning it without his wand. It remained stationary. “Nothing,” he commented with a sigh. Then he picked up his wand and summoned it wordlessly, instead. With slow, juddering movements the box gradually came nearer. “I've got a way to go,” he commented with a self-deprecating smile.

Dardanius peered into the container. “So,” he said, feeling he had probably put off doing any work as long as was socially acceptable. “I get the wood, I get the marbles,” he found stone easier to work with than glass, personally, but he didn't have that option, apparently. “What do you suppose the eggs are for?” If Russell wasn't sure, either, Danny was definitely not above studying his classmates to see what others had concluded.

  • Oh hey, me neither! - Russell, Wed Feb 1 20:40
    With a skeptical humming noise, Russell shrugged. “I guess they might not.” He didn’t have as much faith as Danny about that, but it was kind of nice of the other boy to try reassuring him about it,... more
    • A common ground - Danny, Sat Feb 4 08:51
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