But then nothing challenging would ever be accomplished
Sun Sep 16, 2018 14:42

She did not expect Marley to believe her. After Claudia had argued with Marley about Teal, and then with Danny about Holland, and then with Holland about Danny, she understood how she was giving the impression that she did not approve of non-heterosexual relationships. It was, she would concede, suspicious that she was potentially making up with Marley only now that her ex-best friend had stopped dating Teal. As far as Claudia was concerned, the evidence against her was circumstantial. There was a lot she still didn’t understand about these less conventional relationships, and there were certain and particular aspects of same sex couples that made her distinctly uncomfortable, yet ultimately, so long as the relationship in question was not going to destroy her life as she knew it, Claudia had no opinion on her family or friends’ preferences or orientation. Anyone who didn’t believe her should ask how she felt when Danny had brought Marissa home to their family. Of course she hadn’t been speaking to Marley then, so Claudia did not expect a favorable reaction to her statement.

Therefore when Marley - Marley - was rendered speechless, there was a pause during which Claudia could not tell, even a little bit, how the next few seconds of her life would play out. Would Marley laugh at her? Shout at her? Cry? What transpired was that the taller fifth year did laugh, and cry, and then completely unexpectedly threw her arms around Claudia. Instinctively, Claudia froze. She had barely experienced any physical contact since the first day of term; the last person to hug her had been her mother, before the portkey activated. But Marley wasn’t shouting at her, or arguing at all, or passing any judgments (aloud, at least). Marley was crying, and hugging her. Gingerly, Claudia let her shoulders drop, and slowly she raised her arms to hug Marley back. She didn’t even mind that her chin was resting on Marley’s bra strap because her ridiculous top didn’t cover her shoulder, nor that any dirt from the bicycle that had transferred onto Marley’s hands was now causing irreparable damage to Claudia’s cream colored dress. She didn’t even mind that Marley’s cheek was making Claudia’s own skin moist, and that the reverse was probably also true. Claudia hugged her a little tighter for a moment before gently disentangling herself from the embrace.

Claudia sniffed, and then laughed a little, embarrassed and overwhelmed, but happy that Marley didn’t seem to hate her. She wiped her eyes again, more out of habit than with any real belief she would benefit from this action. She offered a small smile that was only partly a signal she was okay: it was also a token of gratitude, an expression of hope, and a physical reaction she was unable to suppress even if she wanted to. “So… what now?”

  • Yup, that's how the saying goes - Marley, Fri Sep 14 23:52
    There was a moment where she felt a little guilty for her hesitation in admitting she hadn’t forgiven Claudia for her actions against Holland. Well, specifically, not guilty in the fact itself,... more
    • But then nothing challenging would ever be accomplished - Claudia, Sun Sep 16 14:42
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