Claudia Dubois
What a delightful premise
Sun Nov 4, 2018 15:32

Deputy Headmaster Bellamy Fell’s continued presence in Defense Against the Dark Arts classes was reassuring whilst being frustrating. Professor Embers was admittedly somewhat scatterbrained and unobservant. Her teaching methods were sometimes unorthodox, but she did teach relevant material, she was so much more approachable than Professor Rasnick before her, and she really had improved her teaching standards over the past couple of years. If Professor Fell had begun to inspect the other professors (this is what Claudia assumed was happening; if he was observing them to learn then he would spend more time with Professors more capable than the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher) a couple of years ago then certainly Cindra Embers would be in trouble, but as she was really much better than she had been previously, it seemed unfair to punish her gain by excessive micromanagement from the administrative staff. Clearly the school board was hoping to stay ahead of the proverbial game by sending Fell to report back to them (Claudia was making this assumption based on everything she knew about Headmaster Morgan), which was reassuring for her own continued education at Rocky Mountain International, but frustrating that it had taken so long to action.

Besides, having a relatively unfamiliar person in the room was not conducive to settling Claudia’s nerves. Defense classes were already those most likely to make her anxious, due both to their content and her previous past experiences, and while Deputy Headmaster Fell had been at the school for several months now, Claudia had interacted with him very little. He dressed smartly, spoke curtly, and had very little interaction with students beyond occasionally asking their opinions on a relevant subject matter (although Claudia would guess from his expression and the infrequency with which this occurred that he did not enjoy this opportunity). His manner was abrupt, rendering his appearance in any room quite the opposite of reassuring. Furthermore, Claudia didn’t know what Bellamy Fell knew of her own recent history at the school, and as such could not be certain regarding his opinion of her. By now she was quite sure of how several of the staff members viewed her, which afforded her guidance on how to behave when around them to best suit both parties. Fell was an enigma, and she wished he wouldn’t continue to haunt her classes like an unbanishable ghoul. At least he’d had no reason to comment on her pristine robes, correctly fastened over a red pencil skirt, white collared blouse and gold embroidered cardigan, and dark blonde hair fastened neatly in a high ponytail, as she’d entered the room.

Trying her best to ignore the interloper, Claudia neatly set up her desk for the class and diligently began to take notes on the opening lecture. She couldn’t resist glancing over at Malachi Crenton at the mention of their last class spent together. It had occurred shortly after the Draco in question had not attended the date he’d scheduled with Remington. Claudia had tentatively liked Malachi up until that point: eloquent, intelligent, and from a good family, on paper he was an ideal companion. Then he’d made Remington cry, and so Claudia had been sure to partner him in the practical lesson, and had used the opportunity of practicing anti-jinxes in pairs to hex his knee-caps backwards. She had pleaded accidental mis-casting of the jelly-legs jinx, which had apparently been accepted by the professor, however the victim had been left in no question of her intent, nor the reason for her petty revenge. The younger student quickly averted his gaze when Claudia looked his way, which was immensely satisfying.

Unfortunately, hexing Malachi created one more person who bluntly refused to partner Claudia in practical classes involving offensive spells. Again, it was a satisfying feeling to realize that people found her formidable, but she wasn’t about to go around hexing people without cause. It would be agreeable if that could perhaps be acknowledged by the student population in general, but Claudia would not hold her breath for that event. Instead, she made eye contact with a couple of people who resolutely looked away, and then resigned herself to sitting in her chair and waiting, either for the unfortunate person who had yet to partner anyone and was left over when every other position had been filled, or to perhaps be that person herself and be obliged to hex one of the professors. Either way was acceptable to the fifth year, but it was a student who approached her.

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