Georgina Philpott
My sleeves are not suited for concealment
Sun Nov 4, 2018 16:23

While she wasn’t one to invest a great deal of energy into such redundant considerations as what her favourite class might be, Georgina nevertheless had a preference for her potions classes above all others. There were definitely downsides, like handling genuinely nasty ingredients - Gigi wasn’t opposed to mildy offensive items, such as beetle eyes or billiwig stings, but rat spleens were undeniably disgusting, no matter where you came from - and the toxic fumes created almost every class when something inevitably went wrong, but Rob was just the most fun professor Gigi could imagine. It was like he really understood that giving a pre-teen a textbook was not going to make them learn, but encouraging them to discover why you shouldn’t add salamander tongue to a swelling solution was going to teach a lesson they would never forget. He also did not give a shit about robes, which was ideal, because Gigi did not care to wear them. She had learned, however, that exposed skin in a beginners’ potions class was perhaps not the best plan, so today she covered up with a strappy black dress that finished mid-thigh over a bright red fishnet top that Kaye, in seventh year, had passed along when Gigi complained to the older Aquila about Fell slating her outfits. The fine mesh would offer more protection against spilled potions than bare arms (although admittedly not by much), while her legs were covered completely by red tights, her feet in adorable black patent Mary-Janes with a low heel.

By the time Gigi had settled into a seat at the bench, Rob was done writing a whole lot of instructions on the board. The first year’s heart sank. Maybe this class wasn’t going to be as fun as she’d hoped after all. Then Rob spoke, promptly proving her wrong. The Aquila brightened in an instant, sitting up straighter and paying rapt attention as the Head of the Prankster House issued his April Fool’s assignment. It was brilliant. As if her faith in him weren’t already fully restored, Rob then encouraged the younger students to try their completed potions out on the upper years. Gigi wondered if she could feed hers to Fell, instead. It would only take someone else to cause a diversion, and she could slip a dose into his morning coffee or whatever it was he deemed acceptable to consume. Tosspot.

For once, Gigi didn’t ‘scoot scoot scoot’ as soon as she was instructed to do so. She was overwhelmed by the possibilities that could be accomplished in this class. These potions definitely would not be found in the curriculum textbook, so before the lesson was over she resolved to write down everything that was on the blackboard and file the information away for a rainy day. For now, she needed to make some decisions about what prank would work best on whom. She didn’t know many of the upper years very well (except for Kaye, but Gigi almost didn’t dare prank her) so she was going to make something with the intent of using it on Fell, and that would make the class fun even if her dreams were not realised. More for safety than for aesthetic, Gigi scooped up her masses of dark brown curls into as neat a knot as she could manage, although a few ringleted tendrils escaped down the nape of her neck and around her face. Arms still occupied stretching the elastic into place, Gigi saw her neighbour leave the bench and called, “Hey, can you grab me some vanishing slug slime? Cheers, I appreciate it.”

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    • My sleeves are not suited for concealment - Georgina Philpott, Sun Nov 4 16:23
      • No one's questioning that - Joseph Blair, Mon Nov 5 22:19
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