Katherine Kendrick
Deciding. Debating. De...stroying?
Sun Nov 4, 2018 17:11

It wasn’t that Kit was every any good at following directions, but she wasn’t typically intentionally bad at it. Sometimes it was a misunderstanding between her and the directionser, although more often it was because she had gotten distracted four words in and had been thinking about killer butterflies and if they were related to Mothman or something along those lines. Which was actually a good question, now that she thought about it. After a few more seconds, she decided that she should actually just ask Remington because the real key to solving that problem was whether butterflies and moths were related, which Kit thought they totally should be because they were practically the same thing only butterflies were prettier, but maybe it was something sneaky like red pandas, which totally weren’t pandas at all and were actually raccoons, but red and cuter. Although raccoons were pretty cute. They had creepy little hands though, like people, and they washed everything all the time like they thought someone was trying to poison them.

Well, now that Kit thought about it, people were trying to poison raccoons because they thought raccoons were pests, and that just wasn’t very nice. She could definitely think of a pest she wanted to poison though, which led her back to the source of her original moral quandry: was it okay for her to try and give Elliot Phippen a potion that she made in this class?

Rob was definitely saying it wasn’t okay, which made Kit not want to do it, but then she thought about Elliot again - or worse looked at his stupid squishy hamster-face because he was in the same room with her practically all the time during the day - and she started to think it was probably worth not listening to Professor Rob just this one teensy tiny time. Professor Rob was probably the sort of super cool dad who didn’t mind when his kids did anything that normal kids weren’t allowed to do, but Kit was pretty sure that they at least knew what words to not say in civilized company. Or at least, Kit had tagged along with Dakota when she was babysitting sometimes, and she had never once heard any of Professor Rob’s kids say a bad word, not even the ones that weren’t really his kids. It was proof that kids with ‘cool’ parents could still be civilized people even when they were still in kindergarten so take that stupidhead Elliot.

Well, that had decided her. Now it was just a matter of choosing what to do to him. Obviously the answer was everything, but Professor Rob had said that the effects would be less strong if you piled in a bunch of them, so what she really wanted was to pick one or two things she really wanted to do to Elliot and then put a BUNCH of that ingredient in. Like if she wanted his nostril hair to grow, put a giant handful of rat tail tips in, instead of a small handful like the directions said. Then he would have two giant bushes on his face and he wouldn’t be able to see and Medic Rock would have to sort him out and it would be impossible to tell who had given him a potion because their entire class knew how to make them now. It was perfect. They weren’t going to investigate everyone in the beginner years class just because of one silly little prank, so Kit would be super safe. Which was good, because before midterm she’d gotten a bunch of detentions and Mom and Dad had not been happy about that.

For once in her life Kit had actually been taking careful notes of what was listed on the board, and had even triple-checked her spelling on most of the things she wrote down. Her spelling was pretty bad but her handwriting was too, so most of the time it practically didn’t matter. But this was the sort of valuable information Kit knew that she’d need for her future life and she wanted to be very sure not to lose it. Almost definitely these potions were not listed in their potions book so Kit would have to go through all those boring dusty books that Dakota and Remington were so interested in. Kit was zero percent interested in boring dusty books. The thing she liked most about self-defense club was dodging, which she’d gotten real good at. And Anssi sometimes, because sometimes he could be funny. It was mostly because his English was a little funny - like funny in a weird way not funny in a ha-ha way, but also funny in a ha-ha way - and that was probably a little mean of Kit but the redhead wasn’t going to tell anyone that except maybe Drew, so it didn’t count. Mean things only counted if you said them out loud.

Go Time Kit announced to herself silently, then popped out of her stool onto the floor, where she expertly did a ninja roll (which she had practiced in self defense club too). It was for the best that she was wearing Finding Nemo leggings under her jean skirt. Kit had spent the first bit of term trying to be super duper like Marissa but that was actually really hard, which meant Marissa was even more the best ever for just like being her all the time because oh man wearing nice clothes and being smart and talking like a grown-up was so hard! Sometimes Kit still tried, like if she was thinking about it real hard in the morning, but Kit didn’t think about things real hard until after her cornflakes (or whatever) in the morning, usually.

Coming out of her ninja roll, Kit found herself in the middle of a crowd of kids trying to grab ingredients, which left her some time to actually decide what she wanted to do to Elliot before grabbing her own. She still hadn’t decided by the time she got to the front of the group, so instead of just picking one she stuffed small amounts of potions ingredients into all of her pockets, including the teeny pocket on her checkered shirt, which probably wasn't supposed to hold anything but worked pretty okay for some wartcap powder and dandelion seeds. Hm. Hopefully the potion would be okay if there was maybe just the tiniest bit of lint in it. Lint didn’t have magical properties, Kit was pretty sure.

Unless it was magical lint. Like, invisibility cloaks had to get lint, right? And was the lint invisible? And if not, was it still magical? And if it was, how would you ever know that your lint was getting all over?! Kit came to the conclusion that magical lint was probably okay in potions if invisibility cloaks had it, so regular lint was probably super fine too.

Amidst her thinking about magical lint, Kit had reached her workbench. Her potions kit was already out on the table and her notebook wasn’t, which seemed weird because she wasn’t usually the sort of person who put things out in advance, but maybe she’d been so distracted by her plot against Elliot that she had done it automatically. Cool, automatic-her was really smart! Maybe she should just let automatic-Kit do everything.

She had already started sorting out the ingredients for the first part of the potion when someone came up to the workbench with an annoyed ‘hey!’ Kit blinked at the person and tilted her head.

“Do you want to work with me?” she asked, confused, unaware that in her lint-related daze she had actually sat back down at the workbench right in front of hers.

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