Jesse Keller
Sun Nov 4, 2018 17:56

Lots of strange things happened at magic school. Or, Jesse could infer that from his own experiences but he could not verify the accuracy of the statement. What would be more accurate would be to assert that several things that were not aligned his own understanding of what was normal and usual had occurred at Rocky Mountain International during Jesse’s time there. The occasion with the fish in the pool, and the malfunctioning staircases, for example, were things that could not be explained away by instances of spells going wrong (which was the usual explanation for unnatural events and circumstances, made possible - likely, even - by the sheer quantity of underage, untrained witches and wizards contained within one building).

More recently, Jesse had joined several of his classmates in temporarily losing his memory. He had been able to recall the function of several tools, all the words for said tools and indeed all the vocabulary he required for meta-cognition, and even facts like pizza should always have pepperoni on it, but not his name, nor his family, nor where he was, or anything relating to his person. Often there was just no explanation for these random things, and everyone just carried right along as though unconcerned.

Jesse was concerned. He was concerned that a longer memory lapse would cause some real panic and widespread pandemonium, rather than the comparatively mild confusion - albeit with a fair amount of shouting - that had resulted. He was concerned that there was a prankster in their midst that was taking his or her jokes too far. What if their memories had not returned and they were all left to create new personas, forgetting forever their families outside the school? Usually Jesse was not a worrier, but usually he was sure the grown ups were in control of a situation and as an adolescent the burden of worry was not his to bear. It was apparent here, however, that the grown ups didn’t know what was going on or how to stop it any more than the students did. That was perplexing.

Therefore it was not surprising to Jesse that one of these grown ups, otherwise known as Rob, their potions professor, was actively encouraging them to brew potions to mess with their fellow students. Jesse frowned. He did enjoy the idea of making a person’s skin change color or their nosehair grow wild and busy, but the ambiguity and uncertainty of events over the past couple of years made him unnatural cautious. What if something went wrong in this class and all of the beginner students ended up with blue skin forever? Okay that wasn’t a fair example, because Jesse thought he might actually enjoy having blue skin forever, but some of the other effects were definitely not favorable, like perpetual warts or corns. Jesse felt bad for the unnamed upper years students who might be in receipt of some of these more unfriendly pranks. Jokes should be funny, not mean - that’s what Jesse’s mom said when Felix pranked Jesse by pulling the chair out when he was about to sit down, or putting salt in the sugar jar, or soap on his toothbrush. Felix claimed they were all funny anyway, but Jesse disagreed. He would not want wart or corns or to have steam pouring from his ears.

Without the intention of causing unwanted effects to another person anyway, Jesse resolved to make a comparatively harmless color changing potion. Madder root would. According to the instructions, cause a person to turn red, whereas indigo would change them a deep, rich blue. Jesse wondered whether a combination of both would render the consumer dark purple, or a pattern of blue and red. Or perhaps they would shift between the two? The only way to know for certain would be to try it and find out. With a secondary experiment in mind, Jesse vacated his workbench, whereupon he had already laid out his kit ready for use, and went to the front of the class to collect his requisite ingredients. When he returned, one plant product in each hand, something terrible was happening: Kit Kendrick was at his workbench.

Jesse had no specific grievance against the older student but Kit was notorious, particularly in potions classes, for being accident prone. She yelled at the younger students and made people cry. She made spells go wrong. She once made everyone in a class tell the absolute truth, if rumors could be believed (and when it came to Kit, Jesse suspected they could). If the magic messing up at Rocky Mountain was due to one individual, it was almost certainly due to Kit Kendrick. Jesse tried to avoid working with her, so he didn’t personally know her very well, but her being at his workbench and maybe messing up his experiment when he was already on edge was sufficient for him to call out “Hey!” with more vigor than he would normally inject into an exclamation.

“Do you want to work with me?” Kit asked.

Jesse blinked at her with his dark eyes, stark against his pale skin. “No, I don’t,” he replied abruptly. Then, because he had just shouted at her and then told her he didn’t want to work with her, and even Jesse could tell they weren’t nice things to do to a person, and he really didn’t want Kit Kendrick upset with him in a class when they were making pranks to use on other people, he added, “I think you are maybe a nice person, possibly, actually I’m not sure, I don’t know you, but I do know you are not good at potions, and I don’t want you to mess up my experiment.”

  • Deciding. Debating. De...stroying? - Katherine Kendrick, Sun Nov 4 17:11
    It wasn’t that Kit was every any good at following directions, but she wasn’t typically intentionally bad at it. Sometimes it was a misunderstanding between her and the directionser, although more... more
    • Derailing - Jesse Keller, Sun Nov 4 17:56
      • Do you think so? - Kit, Thu Dec 13 08:22
        Kit was pretty sure she’d never once worked with Jesse but she was also pretty sure that she would probably forget if she had, so maybe she had. Jesse seemed like a nice, boring person which would... more
        • I feel it's inevitable - Jesse, Sun Dec 16 16:09
          Kit claimed to be good at potions, refuting Jesse’s suggestion that the opposite was true, and that perplexed him. Jesse knew he should believe Kit, because she was the person under discussion, so... more
          • Let me focus my laserbeams - Kit, Tue Dec 18 11:14
            “Good,” Kit said smugly. Jesse didn’t swear at home, he didn’t even say ‘shut up’ which was totally something that Kit had said to Marissa before when she was mad. The sisters didn’t fight very... more
            • I really don't think you should - Jesse, Sun Dec 30 16:45
              Kit seemed appeased by Jesse’s answer that he was not allowed to use cuss words at home. He was not at home when he was at school, obviously, and so in the parent-less space that was the whole... more
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