Joseph Blair
No one's questioning that
Mon Nov 5, 2018 22:19

From the first he’d learned he needed a cauldron for school, Joey had decided that Potions was gonna be ripe. Chemistry had already been his second-favourite of the sciences (his first-favourite was Engineering, which he didn’t really get to be honest but Dad was all for it and made it sound cool) so any class that required more than plain ole scribblers and flasks was a sure step better than Chemistry, ey? After spending half a year under Prof Rob, currently the subject was even topper to Engineering because it was both cool and he got it fairly well, so long as he remembered they were working in ounces and not grams. He’d only goofed that one a couple times so far, both way past in the fall, and only one of those times it turned into actual fire gone fizzling out his cauldron like long-tailed green sparklers, so all told he was going pretty well at it.

He hadn’t been slowed up to lab by his roomie for once, either. Jarrett called out crook this morning, and although Joey had needed to dash back to Draco to swap out his flannie for a tee between classes, the most he’d seen of the other lad had been some hair sticking out the top of his quilt. So the dark-haired boy had made it back in enough time to kick back and watch Prof Rob scratch up notes on the board... Well aight he wasn’t properly kicking back now - more of a two minny idle that ueyd into copying the notes down for himself straight off, so that by the time Prof Rob was talking he could focus on that instead. Lucky for him, even the pen in his bag was running ink from A. This had been a swell idea.

Sure nuff, he caught up to Prof Rob’s writing and marked down the gross bit about slugs right as the wheelchaired man was greeting the class. Oi really, their homework was April Fools tricks? He’d never gotten the impression that Prof Rob was the type to chuck a wobbley over tricks in class. In fact the opposite rung truer; it seemed he’d be whinging if the students did flat all weird in his classes. Even the whole potion-splosion thing hadn’t resulted in much more than him tossing jokes at Joey’s expense, which was a heckuva lot milder reaction than he thought any other prof at RMI would have. But the fact he was actually telling them to hornets in the upper-year’s coffee was bizarre.

Joey had been so keen on what was being said that he hadn’t even realized who’d plunked down beside him - probably for the best, because as much as he knew Aunty Estelle would rip him a new one for the clanger, he couldn’t help noticing how Gigi was both totally covered and totally not. Might not’ve been able to focus on the lesson as much if he’d realized sooner... Which was another dangerous Anti-Estelle thought and geesh okay fine, gross slugs it was. Rolling up the sleeves of his robes, he gave her a nod and turned to walk towards the supplies table. “Righto.” Not surprisingly, the people in front of him weren’t biting for slug juice so it was easy for him to scoop a bit for the Aquila, and also grab up some milk and tails and round Boxwood leaves to experiment with. Prof Rob had mentioned that more ingredients would be weaker overall, but to combine boogers with extra hair noses and turn ‘em green to boot sounded worth it, even if it was weak. Couldn’t hurt to try, anyways.

Oh right, he needed to get the base ingredients too. Already walking off, he turned around to retrieve leeches, a chunk of root, and pus (even grosser than slugs).

“So who you gonna stiff?” he asked Gigi when he got back to the lab bench for real, setting down the mix of ingredients. “Bit wack to point us at other students, ey?” He had no idea of she’d actually agree - they hadn’t interacted near enough for him to know - but he sure felt weird about dosing teenagers. “I’ll fess my topper was my little sis, but it’ll be a full dec ‘fore she gets jack of it, and I don’t want her arcing up for revenge.”

  • My sleeves are not suited for concealment - Georgina Philpott, Sun Nov 4 16:23
    While she wasn’t one to invest a great deal of energy into such redundant considerations as what her favourite class might be, Georgina nevertheless had a preference for her potions classes above all ... more
    • No one's questioning that - Joseph Blair, Mon Nov 5 22:19
      • Hey I have layers! - Gigi, Tue Nov 6 16:42
        Joey agreed to get the slugs. Georgina grinned at him from between her elbows. She didn’t know her yearmate very well yet - and she’d dropped judging people on their prevalence of hugs from relatives ... more
        • Joey was a little thrown off by her mention of ‘suits’, cos it wasn’t as if many people here even wore suits. Most of them went for robes instead which he assumed was equal hands because Wizard... more
          • You saying I'm not great at his? - Gigi, Thu Nov 22 08:41
            Okay then, Joey had a point about the staff realising that Rob was entirely capable of convincing - even encouraging his whole beginner class to brew potions for the sole purpose of pranking older... more
            • Gigi's laughter didn't pass on any real sign of her opinion. Whether she agreed or not with his assessment of how foolishly rebellious it'd be to make the Deputy Headmaster puke slugs, she clearly... more
              • Apparently the language barrier worked both ways, although Joey was quicker to figure out Gigi’s British-isms than she was to translate his Down Under slang. It wasn’t surprising, considering how... more
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