Satveer Mital
Yep. Begrudgingly. Yep.
Tue Nov 6, 2018 06:06

It’s fair to say that Satveer had been somewhat distracted over the last few months. He’d kept his head down and focused. Exam prep was in full swing and with it the immeasurable pressure of his success driven, highly expectant, father. Satveer felt that, that same exam prep had also taken its toll on his relationship with Kit. He was still enjoying being with her, she made him happy, but what time they did spend together he felt a little distracted. He was becoming increasingly aware that his distracted behaviour may impact their relationship negatively, but as Kit had given him no indication that she was unhappy, he chose to not bring it up. His assumption that Kit was under similar pressures lent itself well to the elusive elephant in the room. Luckily, the news of his relationship either hadn’t reached his parent’s, or they were choosing to not bring it up in light of his exams. Which ever it was, Satveer was thankful the subject hadn’t been broached, though he felt that conversation was inevitable.

That morning had already been filled with narrowly avoided mishaps. The first being his robes being worn inside out. Luckily he caught a glimpse of the mirror prior to leaving his quarters. Another was his unelected participation in the upper years electives. Walking through the corridors, Satveer had gotten swept up with a crowd (that turned out to be fourth and fifth years) and was almost escorted to the wrong lesson. Only when he passed the practical lab, the site of his intended lesson, did he realise he was in a daze. Satveer had managed to clamber out of the herd and got himself into the lab resembling something of a disheveled version of his brother (had his brother come been a wizard, and attended RMI). His turban was about the only thing to remain tidy.

Satveer parted himself down and found a seat, only to attentively I listen (and discover) that this potions lesson was somewhat of a joke lesson. Whilst it was always a good idea to put one's knowledge to practice, was April fools wasn’t really what he had in mind. Frankly, Satveer felt a little disenfranchised by the whole affair. He felt his time could be better spent elsewhere (that and potions wasn’t really his favourite lesson. Too much like cooking for him).

At the instruction to Scoot Satveer took stock. Kit was already headed into her own project (world), so participation with her was not an option. Unenthused, Satveer squared away his area and made his way to collect some ingredients, muttering under his breath as he did so.

  • Trick up your sleeve? [Potions, I - III] - Professor Rob Hier, Sat Nov 3 12:58
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    • Yep. Begrudgingly. Yep. - Satveer Mital , Tue Nov 6 06:06
    • Ready to play my trump card - Eugene Hardie , Sun Nov 4 19:16
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        • I'm OK with a little risk - Eugene, Tue Nov 6 19:13
          It was a great colour, green. He’d really come to appreciate it more since being in the green house. Even if all the worst tasting food was green (broccoli, brussel sprouts, mint ice cream) a lot of... more
          • Risky business is what I do - Elliot, Sun Nov 11 12:53
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    • My sleeves are not suited for concealment - Georgina Philpott, Sun Nov 4 16:23
      While she wasn’t one to invest a great deal of energy into such redundant considerations as what her favourite class might be, Georgina nevertheless had a preference for her potions classes above all ... more
      • No one's questioning that - Joseph Blair, Mon Nov 5 22:19
        From the first he’d learned he needed a cauldron for school, Joey had decided that Potions was gonna be ripe. Chemistry had already been his second-favourite of the sciences (his first-favourite was... more
        • Hey I have layers! - Gigi, Tue Nov 6 16:42
          Joey agreed to get the slugs. Georgina grinned at him from between her elbows. She didn’t know her yearmate very well yet - and she’d dropped judging people on their prevalence of hugs from relatives ... more
    • This is just what I needed - Andrew Tennant, Sun Nov 4 15:58
      Things had been weird. Dade Dakota was a girl now, Remington was having dating drama, Kit and Darlene were kind of getting along… everything was upside down and Drew felt weird about it in different... more
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