I'm OK with a little risk
Tue Nov 6, 2018 19:13

It was a great colour, green. He’d really come to appreciate it more since being in the green house. Even if all the worst tasting food was green (broccoli, brussel sprouts, mint ice cream) a lot of the best things were green too- lots of lovely living things. Yes, green was perfect for fighting ghosts. Eugene nodded, “You’re right. Green is best.”

He trusted Elliot’s judgement on this because he was one of the Aquila people and everyone knew they were a crafty lot. It was something Eugene admired about them, he had always wanted to be cunning but he didn’t seem to have the disposition for it, or so Leopold had recently told him. To Eugene’s great disappointment, his brother had not been overly supportive of his main hobby, aside from helping Eugene create a few flyers, Leopold had shown no interest in the club. He did not want to be a member, nor did he believe in what Eugene had dubbed, ‘the Great Ghost conspiracy’. Which was going to make Leopold feel very silly when it all came to light.

He glanced at Elliot, and wondered if, as an Aquila, he would be more perceptive to the truth. Now that he thought on this more, it occurred to him that they were exactly the sort of people he should have been targeting with his recruitment drive for ghost detective club. He would have to put up some more posters later on, stressing the need for more members, maybe with a smiley clown picture waving out of the page to appeal to the pranksters.

The last time he had thought he could confide in someone, the wool had been pulled over his eyes, and Eugene was hesitant to make the same mistake again. He stroked the still body of little Garen, still waiting for it’s final bath in the bubbling cauldron, and hummed thoughtfully. To spill the beans or not?

Elliot was one of Eugene’s best friends, after his roomie Tycho of course, and Eugene knew he was very brave. Elliot said a lot of very adult words, words Eugene didn’t even like to think, and he never once seemed worried that people would shove soap in his mouth. Sometimes Eugene whispered the words to himself, in an effort to emulate more braver and grown up people like Elliot and Leopold, but it always made his heart jump around in his chest, and he’d feel all weird and bad afterwards, as if he’d had secret second helpings after dessert.

If Eugene could stand up to the ghosts then Elliot sure could too. He didn’t have another Anssi on his hands. Anssi seemed nice deep down and all, but not like the sort of person who could say all the bad words without flinching, he had never stood a chance against the evil dead. “OK,” he gushed to Elliot, “I’m about to tell you something. But it’s very secret, you got it?”

He pushed his glasses up his nose and leaned in close to his classmate, to whisper, “There’s a spy at RMI. So I need a disguise to do some spying of my own.”

  • Trumps are wild - Elliot Phippen, Mon Nov 5 16:50
    In terms of “classes that really make you feel like a wizard,” Potions was pretty high up there. Astronomy and Cultural Studies were at the very bottom of the list. Even when they talked about... more
    • I'm OK with a little risk - Eugene, Tue Nov 6 19:13
      • Risky business is what I do - Elliot, Sun Nov 11 12:53
        “Got it,” Elliot agreed readily. Honestly he would’ve said anything to speed up Eugene sharing whatever top-secret information he had, but Elliot was also good with secrets. He loved that feeling you ... more
        • Welcome to the team - Eugene, Sun Nov 18 12:14
          “A spy?” Eugene’s shoulders slumped, and he looked at Elliot, dismayed. He had not had a lot of luck convincing people that an underground network of sinister supernatural beings existed at RMI, and... more
          • Is there a uniform? - Elliot, Tue Dec 4 19:54
            Elliot followed Eugene’s waggling eyebrows to one of the third-years, Anssi. Elliot usually worked with other first years in class—Sadie and Tycho and Grayson and sometimes Gigi, when she wasn’t... more
            • A deerstalker is compulsory - Eugene, Tue Dec 11 05:58
              The pieces were finally starting to fall into place- well almost . He still did not understand what the ghosts were up to but Elliot had given him his first solid lead. “I didn’t know RMI had secret... more
              • What about a trenchcoat? - Elliot, Fri Dec 14 22:39
                Could he show Eugene where the secret passageways were? On the one hand it had been A Whole Thing for Elliot to find the passageways on his own. There had been a bet with Sadie and everything. Eugene ... more
                • Optional - Eugene, Sun Dec 30 15:29
                  “She BIT you,” Eugene repeated, voice rising shrilly above the noisy classroom. “Why did she bite you?” Kit had always seemed fairly normal to Eugene. She was fun, and smart, and not at all like his... more
                  • Do I need a magnifying glass? - Elliot, Mon Jan 14 09:52
                    “Because she appointed herself captain of the Morality Police,” Elliot spiced up the answer to Eugene’s question. Kit had been very clear that she was biting him because he had sworn in her presence. ... more
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