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Sat Nov 17, 2018 00:07

“Warts?” Anssi echoed thoughtfully. Having been in the middle of scooping a generous portion of rodent tails, he paused briefly to shoot a sneaky glance at where Malachi was sitting and imagined him with a face as ugly as… well, whatever part of his brain had made him so rude. “Ja, that is a very good start.” He still couldn’t believe what their newest year-mate had done. After seeing Remy acting so differently, it had not taken too long of a time before Anssi’s suspicions that something was wrong had been confirmed, and it had then not taken any time at all before he was taking back his excitement at the start of the year at having someone to share his room with again.

Having his own room was normal and kind of boring, really. He had been having his own room almost the whole time that he was younger, because his siblings were far enough in age and also so often away at school that there was no sense or reason to be sharing rooms. Going away to school himself, he had gotten two roommates at first, but sadly Keith and Dylan had not passed first-year and so he had gotten his own room. But then Malachi transferred to RMI. Finally, Anssi had thought he might have a more constant roommate, and might even be lucky to have a good friendship as a result. The other blonde was interesting to talk with, and although he acted more… proper (that was a close enough word for it), he was not as stuck-up as Dade Dakota’s brother and also not as smart in a loud way as their classmate Huburt, so it was all fine. But then Malachi had to be a complete mulqvist to one of the most intelligent, nice, caring girls he knew.

Malachi was maybe not as much of a kusipää as Ruben, since, well, he and Kaye were (had been?) (or still were?) actually seriously dating and he had actually cheated on her and all of that ugh. But it was still very bad to leave a girl waiting on the first date. He was still a little unclear whether Remy had asked Malachi on a date or the other way around, but that did not matter, because either way it was bad.

The Finnish boy did not honestly have a plan for his potion. He had an idea of what he wanted to try, although he was not sure it would work, but he had no idea of who he wanted to give the potion to. Professor Rob had suggested an older student, but the only older person he really wanted to give it to was his brother, who would never fall for it anyways and Anssi did not want to waste his time trying. But if Drew was going to target another third-year… well, maybe he could just team up with him. It was a better idea than partnering with one of his other friends in class, at least. (He was pretty sure that Dakota, at least before being Dakota, would have used this as a chance to let out some of hens paranoid held-grudges; there was no promise that new Dakota would not also do that, and he did not want to risk any more hurt to Remy. Dade/Dakota and Remy had already had too much drama this year. And he was pretty sure that Kit was just going to chase after that first-year she kept complaining about, which he also did not want to be involved with, because they were literally years older and supposed to be role models.)

Leaning towards Drew a bit, he asked, “Can I join you? I can for sure help with getting him to drink it. We live in the same room.” Unlike the start of term, when his announcement to his friends of a new roommate had been made with enthusiasm, Anssi now paired the statement with a grimace. “Maybe there is something to make the results slow down, so that, for example, I can put it on his toothbrush but he will not start warting until after leaving Draco.” A few more students were coming up now, and the blonde fell silent, grabbing a few leaves at random before turning to the side and adding in a more quiet volume, showing Drew both the leaves and tails, “I was thinking to try mixing them. I think there must be a way to make the hairs change colour instead of skin. Big nose hairs that are purple, or whatever colour, that might also help to embarrass him.”

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    • I want to play too! - Mikael Lundqvist, Sat Nov 17 00:07
      • Good old Anssi. Drew had had his doubts about bringing him into the self-defense club group. They’d wanted Ruben as their sponsor, and he’d been frigging great at it, but the condition was that his... more
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