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Sun Nov 18, 2018 12:14

“A spy?”

Eugene’s shoulders slumped, and he looked at Elliot, dismayed. He had not had a lot of luck convincing people that an underground network of sinister supernatural beings existed at RMI, and for a moment he thought Elliot was going to disappoint him too. Eugene wasn’t sure he could take much more rejection. His mouth curled into a thin line as he prepared to debate his friend, but it appeared he’d been too quick to give up on the other boy, because before he could gather his features into the suitable Serious expression necessary for commanding respect, Elliot was firing questions at him- showing more interest in Eugene’s theories than anyone else had ever bothered to. “That's him, over there,” he said, still speaking in hushed tones, and waggling his eyebrows in the direction of Anssi Lundqvist, who was working with Drew Tennent on the opposite side of the room.

After discovering Anssi on the Quidditch Pitch, Eugene had snooped around to see what he could uncover about the older boy. He had immediately turned to Leopold, trusting his brother to know all about the social ins and outs of RMI. Initially, Leopold claimed to have never heard of a foreign boy who went by Anssi, which had led to Eugene developing some very exciting theories.

The most promising had involved a tragic Quidditch accident, and a poor unfortunate soul consumed by guilt, unable to move on, after the inconvenient timing of his death, lost his house team the Quidditch Cup. Unfortunately, Leopold had later recalled, a brown haired lad on the Aquila team, who might be Anssi, (proving that Anssi was very much alive after all) and then Leo started muttering about some past student who had been a relation of Anssi’s. Which had led to a conversation about stabbings and what-to-do if anyone ‘bothered’ him (Eugene was to tell Leo ASAP- not the professors, they were useless). In the end Eugene had to spend a fair bit of time convincing, Leopold that Anssi was not bullying him- because even of Anssi was a spy, he was not a violent one and even if he was, Eugene couldn’t have Leopold throwing accusations around and blowing his cover.

He hadn’t been able to uncover much more about Anssi after that, but he did take note of his acquaintances. He was often seen with Drew (Mr Garen’s son) and Katherine (who was related to half the staff) as well as Remington (a powerful witch) and Dade (a dangerous arsonist). Obviously, he was surrounding himself with people of influence and power, not just for his protection, but to recruit them into the ghosts’ army of living, breathing, soldiers. Why they needed live people to do their bidding, Eugene did not know. What couldn’t the ghosts do themselves? Talk? Eat? Blow up balloons?? Something about it just didn’t add up. He was missing some vital clue that would connect the dots- only then could he make sense of it all.

“But he’s just a pawn,” Eugene explained to Elliot, “it’s the ghosts who are really up to something. They’re watching me- they’re probably watching all of us. I don’t know what their master plan is, not yet, but they’ve been messing with me, and I know they did some nasty stuff to him, that’s how they got him to spy for them.”

“You think that could have anything to do with everyone forgetting everything a couple weeks ago?”

Eugene gasped. His own experiences on the forgetful day had been uneventful, he had spent the majority of his time thinking he had fallen asleep planning a surprise party for someone called Anssi Lundqvist, (he had been clutching a page listing all of Anssi’s ‘friends’) and was still too dopey from sleep, to remember minor details of his life- like his name. But now that he thought about it, it seemed obvious, there would be no better time than to carry out some secret misdoings, than when half the school’s population had their memories wiped. He wondered what Anssi had been up to that day, and guessed, that his mind had reminded as intact as ever. Pleased to have made some progress with his investigation, Eugene smiled, and flung his arms around Elliot, in a wild imitation of a hug, “Oh my goodness, it must be connected! I never would have figured that out, thank you.

  • Risky business is what I do - Elliot, Sun Nov 11 12:53
    “Got it,” Elliot agreed readily. Honestly he would’ve said anything to speed up Eugene sharing whatever top-secret information he had, but Elliot was also good with secrets. He loved that feeling you ... more
    • Welcome to the team - Eugene, Sun Nov 18 12:14
      • Is there a uniform? - Elliot, Tue Dec 4 19:54
        Elliot followed Eugene’s waggling eyebrows to one of the third-years, Anssi. Elliot usually worked with other first years in class—Sadie and Tycho and Grayson and sometimes Gigi, when she wasn’t... more
        • A deerstalker is compulsory - Eugene, Tue Dec 11 05:58
          The pieces were finally starting to fall into place- well almost . He still did not understand what the ghosts were up to but Elliot had given him his first solid lead. “I didn’t know RMI had secret... more
          • What about a trenchcoat? - Elliot, Fri Dec 14 22:39
            Could he show Eugene where the secret passageways were? On the one hand it had been A Whole Thing for Elliot to find the passageways on his own. There had been a bet with Sadie and everything. Eugene ... more
            • Optional - Eugene, Sun Dec 30 15:29
              “She BIT you,” Eugene repeated, voice rising shrilly above the noisy classroom. “Why did she bite you?” Kit had always seemed fairly normal to Eugene. She was fun, and smart, and not at all like his... more
              • Do I need a magnifying glass? - Elliot, Mon Jan 14 09:52
                “Because she appointed herself captain of the Morality Police,” Elliot spiced up the answer to Eugene’s question. Kit had been very clear that she was biting him because he had sworn in her presence. ... more
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