Lucien Dubois [7th year, Draco]
I have no interest in wiggling
Wed Jan 18, 2017 20:50

Having been rapping his fingers for the past three minutes (the first two had been spent reviewing his notes from last class), Lucien shot an automatic glare at their professor - sorry, "Rob" - as he wheeled in late. In the Québécois' opinion, nothing but absolute punctuality was acceptable. Actually, he made a point of arriving five to ten minutes early for every class when possible. Classes held after lunch, like Potions today, were great for this; he'd been able to fill up in the Diner and slide in a pair of contacts (much better than the inevitable steamy cauldron-glasses) without any rush.

The brown-eyed glare didn't last too long as Lucien reminded himself that this was still their professor and thus a figure of authority... despite the fact that he went by his first name, and seemed to enjoy flaunting his lack of robes, and had a dog which was apparently a necessity for him but dogs were annoying plus totally unhygenic for the lab, and just generally appeared to believe that he could be professional without, you know, actually being professional.

His opinion of "Rob" sunk lower as the man explained their task: a prank potion, and one that he went on to blatantly encourage the students to use against their peers. Ugh, this was ridiculous. Lucien appreciated potion-brewing mostly for its own sake, so of course he wasn't about to boycott this class for assigning him to make something as trivial as an Ear-Wiggling potion. He would make it, and he would make it damn well. But when he maintained his track record by achieving perfect purity, he wouldn't stoop so low as to use it.

Unless he got the chance to dump it in Sorsha's breakfast. This particular potion's prank was dumb, absolutely mindless, and so was the Lyra, in his opinion.

"Agrimony is a mundane flowering plant found across the American continent, as well as parts of Europe," he fired off when called on. His tone was sour in reflection of his sentiments towards their professor but, as could be expected of the studious Canadian, his information was solid. "It was first used by the Ancient Greeks for addressing eye and vision problems. Since then, it's often been used by Muggles for countering fevers, and it's also a primary ingredient in magical fever-related treatments."

Come to think of it, a lot of the ingredients on the list looked familiar. Lucien was currently subscribed to a magazine on careers in Potions; last month's edition had included a large feature on potions in Healing, and he quickly put two and two together to realize that their listed ingredients today were all common in healing. "Rob" went on to explain this very fact, and Lucien was pleased to find that he had been correct - not like that was any surprise.

"Rob" seemed to think that distillation was a big deal, which was a little annoying because of course he had learned about distillation before, and even practiced it in his own time; it was a basic chemical process. Useful, but basic. So he let another student explain distillation to whoever hadn't bothered reading the textbook and instead re-arranged his workstation so that the fractioning column was front-and-centre.

He was ready to go.

Sizing up the people around him for an appropriate partner, he accidentally made eye contact with Ethan Addams and hastily pretended he hadn't seen him. True, the sixth-year wasn't too shabby in class, but he was the type who would use a prank potion on anyone and everyone in range, and Lucien wasn't about to help him with that! Not to mention, he was already set up, so why waste time moving? Instead, he turned to the person already standing at the station beside him. Might as well save them both some effort. "I've already got willow bark in my kit; I can start on crushing enough for both of us if you get the vinegar. You've done distillation before, right?"

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