Revenge is a dish best served buffet-style
Mon Nov 19, 2018 12:55

Good old Anssi. Drew had had his doubts about bringing him into the self-defense club group. They’d wanted Ruben as their sponsor, and he’d been frigging great at it, but the condition was that his brother had to be invited too. The plus-one to get Ruben had been so worth it - the club wouldn’t have learned nearly as much stuff as they had the last two years without him and the grimoire he’d sent Remy - but Drew had kind of figured Anssi would quit after his older brother graduated. If Ruben was thunder, Anssi was sunshine. He reminded Drew of Madeleine a little, and it was hard to imagine her using actual dueling spells.

All this to say that Drew was pleasantly surprised when Anssi went all in on coming up with the appropriate revenge for Malachi. Maybe he shouldn’t have been surprised. If he thought Anssi was like Madeleine, well, Drew’s baby sister could be surprisingly vengeance-minded. Just look at what happened to Hunter when she thought he was Toby. Drew already had a headache thinking about how in Merlin, Circe, and Agrippa’s names he was going to keep her out of trouble when she was a student. The three years they’d overlap, when Drew had both Madeleine and Kit to look out for, were going to be the longest three years of his life, he was pretty sure.

Make that Madeleine, Kit, and Dakota, who Drew was certain would be brewing a potion to foolhardily give to Claudia right this minute. That totally wouldn’t work, because Claudia rivaled Dakota for paranoia, but an attempt would make everything worse even if it wasn’t successful. Drew was hoping that for now, the ceasefire was a go, and he didn’t want Dakota to screw it up for herself. Or for Drew. Maybe Drew could swing by her station and convince her to make it for Connor instead. It wasn’t like Dakota had a shortage of grudges to act on. Drew really kept surrounding himself with people who couldn’t let things go, huh?

“Yeah, that sounds great,” said Drew, who hadn’t put a lot of thought into how he was going to get Malachi to drink the potion. This just got better and better: if Anssi gave Malachi the potion then Drew definitely couldn’t get in trouble over it. Drew wouldn’t care about getting in trouble over something he did, except that with his dad and stepdad (and now his aunt) working at RMI, the odds were good that he’d be in trouble with a relative, and he so didn’t want to have to deal with that. Aaron had let him off pretty easy with the Connor incident, and Dad hadn’t looked too hard into self-defense club after the thing with Claudia and Dade, and Drew didn’t want to press his luck a third time. He just wanted Malachi to feel worse than Malachi had made Remy feel, that was all.

Drew didn’t know a whole lot about potions (most of his time in this class was usually spent making sure Kit didn’t blow them up like Hunter. He had learned which ingredients were likely to explode when you put them together, which was useful for him, but not for general potioneering) but maybe one of the ingredients Rob had put out would do what Anssi said. “I definitely want to do warts,” he reiterated, not sure if that would work with Anssi’s plan. Then an idea hit him. “Hey, if the potion gets weaker the more effects you add, maybe we should just make two different potions with their own effects. So you could do purple nose hairs and I can do warts and something else.” It sounded like it would work.

“I really wanna make him regret what he did to Remington,” Drew said. He grabbed a portion of wartcap powder and dandelion seeds, consulted the board, and selected a vial of kneazle milk. Non-stop snot would go really well with the nose hairs thing, if Anssi did that. Drew wasn’t totally sure Remington would be on board with this plan, but she’d liked him messing with Connor so this was kind of similar. “Have you talked to her? Is she doing okay?”

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    “Warts?” Anssi echoed thoughtfully. Having been in the middle of scooping a generous portion of rodent tails, he paused briefly to shoot a sneaky glance at where Malachi was sitting and imagined him... more
    • Revenge is a dish best served buffet-style - Drew, Mon Nov 19 12:55
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