So do onions and they aren't great at this either
Mon Nov 19, 2018 22:43

Joey was a little thrown off by her mention of ‘suits’, cos it wasn’t as if many people here even wore suits. Most of them went for robes instead which he assumed was equal hands because Wizard Traditions and school dress code and comfort. (Gigi’s wack style was something he could… not admire or appreciate exactly, but he could recognize it as fine, at least, but it didn’t look at all comfortable. Who’d pick to wear skeet netting and tights instead of loose, soft, cozy robes? He could practically sleep in these. Actually, he had. A few times. But not in class, yet, which wasn’t much of an accomplishment seeing as the class with the widest potential to be boringly sleepable was also the class with the even wacker old prof. There wasn’t any time or way to nod off when you had to keep an eye out to see what the foge would do to ‘em next.)

He picked up quick that she was meaning the school authorities, though. And what she was saying made sense, except - “Bet they all know he’s a bit of a clanger,” he pointed out, and borrowed her word when he continued, “so any suit prolly would believe us. But I guess there can’t be heaps to do ‘bout it when we’re just trackin’ orders.” He didn’t fancy getting in trouble, mostly since that’d lead back to Mum and that was the part he really didn’t fancy, but the more he thought on it, more Joey realized he didn’t know how they could get in trouble. Seemed Prof Rob’d be the one in trouble for telling them to dose other students, so that was alright then. No point worrying. Instead, he could focus on brewing - which was a fun Wizard thing that he almost wished didn’t sound garbagey when paired with normal stuff like “brewing chick-noodle soup” so that he’d have reason to say it more often, but only almost wished, because keeping some things special and Wizard-world-only was almost as satisfying, but only almost, for the reason above that it restricted him.

“Decade,” he translated helpfully, if a bit confused as to why he had to bother doing so. Shortening words unnecessarily was a fun linguistic habit of Aussies. It was also something that Joey hadn’t yet identified as a habit for himself. Being a foreigner for the first time was a… unique… experience, and maybe one day he’d be able to recognize it as such. “But ya heard right, they do. Are you lone, then?” There was a good reason how he knew Paige wouldn’t let a prank slide by easy, and also a good reason how he knew when to stop poking jokes, and both the reasons were called experience. It was the same reason he assumed that Dad had figured out the same for Mum - ‘assumed’ being a necessary word there, cos surely Dad was grown enough to know what Mum would smack him for, even if he kept on at it no matter what. Sometimes Joey wondered what it’d be like to be the only kid in the house, but Mum claimed that she had three kids because of Dad, so he’d never really be flying solo anyways.

“If I had a particular target in mind…”

Brown eyes widened at the suggestion coming outta her mouth. “The step-down Head? Gee up, right larrikin move innit?” Joey exclaimed, borrowing one of his uncle’s favourite descriptors when talking about the young punks who frequented his bar, since apparently the term applied to Gigi too. Luckily he’d had the wits to drop his volume so his mixed surprise-and-skeptics didn’t blow her game outta the grass, but w o w. Again, much like her style, he could imagine this kind of suggestion could be met with admiration slash appreciation by some, but right now he was just baffled. “You really got that much against him you wanna feed him slugs?” Going after the Deputy Head seemed a prime way to actually get punishment, regardless of being able to claim the he-told-me-to angle from Prof Rob. Gigi must have a good reason for risking it, right? “Monkey bear balls, go for it, but I’m not joining ya, I got one on staff who can see through me backwards.” He’d never been in a position to lie to Aunty Estelle and didn’t fancy testing it out, ‘specially knowing it would put him in a tight spot against a fellow firstie interested in humiliation by slug.

  • Hey I have layers! - Gigi, Tue Nov 6 16:42
    Joey agreed to get the slugs. Georgina grinned at him from between her elbows. She didn’t know her yearmate very well yet - and she’d dropped judging people on their prevalence of hugs from relatives ... more
    • So do onions and they aren't great at this either - Joey, Mon Nov 19 22:43
      • You saying I'm not great at his? - Gigi, Thu Nov 22 08:41
        Okay then, Joey had a point about the staff realising that Rob was entirely capable of convincing - even encouraging his whole beginner class to brew potions for the sole purpose of pranking older... more
        • Gigi's laughter didn't pass on any real sign of her opinion. Whether she agreed or not with his assessment of how foolishly rebellious it'd be to make the Deputy Headmaster puke slugs, she clearly... more
          • Apparently the language barrier worked both ways, although Joey was quicker to figure out Gigi’s British-isms than she was to translate his Down Under slang. It wasn’t surprising, considering how... more
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