You saying I'm not great at his?
Thu Nov 22, 2018 08:41

Okay then, Joey had a point about the staff realising that Rob was entirely capable of convincing - even encouraging his whole beginner class to brew potions for the sole purpose of pranking older students. Georgina laughed, and conceded, “You’re not wrong. Well cool, that absolves us of blame anyway.” She was sure there were all sorts of arguments to be had for not following orders that were issued (especially when they were as optional as in this scenario) but she was not prepared to deal with that that right now: she had revenge to brew.

Her partner translated the required word for Gigi’s benefit - or just said the unshortened version, as was a more accurate retelling of that tale - demonstrating again that it was his way of talking that sometimes made him incomprehensible. Georgina felt she ought to be better at figuring him out, having grown up in a household with two distinct dialects. Her father still occasionally used Americanisms that made Gigi and her mother blink in confusion, and her Mum’s childhood spent in and around London was to blame for her dropping into rhyming slang when she was mildly irritated (before she got to the point of yelling and throwing stuff). Maybe her maternal grandfather even sounded a bit like Joey - New Zealanders probably sounded a bit like Australians, right? - but Georgina would never know; even her Mum had never met the guy.

“Yeah, it’s just me and my parents,” she answered. “Pretty sure I wasn’t even on the agenda,” Gigi grinned. Neither of her parents had ever said precisely those words, but she knew they weren’t living together - even in the same country - when she’d been born. She could add two and two together. She liked it just being the three of them, anyway. Having to share attention and living space with a fourth person didn’t sound all that great, especially if siblings turned vindictive, as Joey confirmed.

“The step-down Head? Gee up, right larrikin move innit?” Joey said, and before Gigi had even begun to figure out if he was going to be amused or affronted by her suggestion, she found herself laughing. It wasn’t really fair to find fun in the way he spoke but Merlin help her, it was funny. “You really got that much against him you wanna feed him slugs?”

“He doesn’t like the way I dress,” Georgina grinned mischievously. Then, because that was probably a valid argument for a staff member to pursue, and would not aptly convey her dislike of him, she added, “Plus he talks down to you, you know? He stepped on one of my charmed origami frogs - on purpose, just to squish it - and when I questioned him about all the senior staff being men, he completely glossed over the issue, like witches don’t need good role models in their education. I’ve stepped in cow pats with more integrity.” As a girl who’d spent the past few years living in a rural village with as many cows as people, she could attest that was no mean feat.

The way Joey was supportive of Gigi’s idea, but distantly - he wasn’t encouraging her to go for it, but he didn’t say not to, either; he just didn’t want to be involved - reminded her of her friend Karinder back home. ‘Okay, Georgie, if that’s what you want to do then you do it, but I’m not joining in.’ To be fair, Joey had good reason. “Yeah, your aunt is terrifying,” she agreed. “Like, in a good way. She lets you know where the line is, and cross it at your peril.” Georgina had gotten into trouble with most professors already for creative use of language or neglecting her robes or entirely forgetting than an assignment was due, and so she was becoming clearer on which staff would allow her to push which boundaries. Professor Blair-West seemed to be one of these firm but fair types, permitting fun but denouncing mischief. She was definitely one to watch out for.

“Tell you what, I won’t let you know either way if I go for it or not,” she said, adding the first ingredient to her cauldron. “Then you can suspect it’s me, but you absolutely can’t say for sure.” Georgina smiled at Joey. She might not ever make an accomplice out of him with his aunt teaching at their school, but so far he was fun to be around even without that extra perk. “And if you decide who you want to use your potion on,” she added, because Joey seemed to have ruled out sending it to his sister, “I swear I won’t let on.”

  • Joey was a little thrown off by her mention of ‘suits’, cos it wasn’t as if many people here even wore suits. Most of them went for robes instead which he assumed was equal hands because Wizard... more
    • You saying I'm not great at his? - Gigi, Thu Nov 22 08:41
      • Gigi's laughter didn't pass on any real sign of her opinion. Whether she agreed or not with his assessment of how foolishly rebellious it'd be to make the Deputy Headmaster puke slugs, she clearly... more
        • Apparently the language barrier worked both ways, although Joey was quicker to figure out Gigi’s British-isms than she was to translate his Down Under slang. It wasn’t surprising, considering how... more
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