How about that!
Sat Dec 8, 2018 20:56

“Sorry no interest in dueling,” he admitted. “My parents are both military and they always let us train with them after our first term at school.” He wouldn’t admit that the reason he was averse to dueling was his mom had overestimated his ability in his second year and had been hit with a practically bad spell that had left a scar on DJ’s chest. He inwardly winced at the memory.

Claudia’s smile didn’t instill confidence and when she replied that he would hear about it in time he laughed. “I’m surprised I haven’t already. RMI has a very efficient rumor mill. I swear within about ten minutes everyone in this school knew my name.”

DJ nodded when Claudia told him Remington had told her about his reason for transferring. He was glad Remington was talking about him. Maybe that meant she liked him. Or maybe she was just very gossipy. He couldn’t get a bead on her really. Which was unfortunate since he wasn’t sure just how to approach her.

“I like Spellwork a lot and plan to major in college for it and I know the people who are already animagus can skip a lot of the early classes. I’d like to complete my master's degree pretty early.” He admitted. It wasn’t the coolest reason to want to become an animagus but it was the reason DJ had. He for sure didn’t want to end up in the military like his parents. “Are you taking the course too? It seems like a lot of kids here want to.”

The fourth year was about to ask Claudia another question when she sent another hex towards him. He hadn’t been expecting it to be honest. He figured once back and forth was enough to complete the assignment but apparently, Claudia was a by the book person. So she hit up with the butterfingers spell and he dropped his wand. Thankfully he was only holding his wand and not his notebook.

“Ah damn,” he said as he watched his wand slip towards Claudia. “That’s was very well executed. Did you learn that in class or dueling club?” He figured as he waited for the hex to wear off he’d ask Claudia about her schooling.

  • How about butterfingers? - Claudia, Fri Dec 7 16:12
    DJ seemed to consider Claudia’s positive appraisal of the practical way the advanced students (and sometimes the beginners, too) learned defensive magic. “From your reluctance to embrace these... more
    • How about that! - DJ, Sat Dec 8 20:56
      • This is acceptable to me - Claudia, Sun Dec 9 07:48
        “You were the only student to transfer in after midterm,” Claudia pointed out. “It’s a small school, so the sudden arrival of a new face doesn’t go unnoticed.” It was therefore inevitable that... more
        • Acceptable works. - DJ, Tue Dec 18 18:47
          Claudia pointed out he was the only student to transfer in. "Makes sense. Does RMI get a lot of transfers?" He asked not really thinking they would. After all his application to RMI had taken forever ... more
          • It’s a passing grade - Claudia , Wed Dec 19 07:09
            “Not loads,” Claudia answered DJ’s question about transfer students. “About one per term.” She had considered transferring herself out of Rocky Mountain at the end of last year, but so far fifth year ... more
            • Yes it is! - DJ, Thu Dec 20 09:01
              DJ nodded when Claudia stated that RMI got about one transfer per a term. That made sense to the Draco, after all, it was long progress to transfer to RMI. From his understanding, more kids left RMI... more
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