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Sun Dec 9, 2018 07:48

“You were the only student to transfer in after midterm,” Claudia pointed out. “It’s a small school, so the sudden arrival of a new face doesn’t go unnoticed.” It was therefore inevitable that everyone knew DJ’s name already. In fact, due to the organisation of classes, Claudia knew the names of all but the first and second year students (and she knew some of those, too, either because they had relatives already in the school, or, in Elliot’s case, because she had met him outside of school). DJ would soon catch up and become acquainted; indeed he had already noticed and commented on the efficiency of the rumour mill.

“Perhaps don’t believe everything you hear,” she recommended. She knew better than most that school gossip was subject to interpretation, and was not necessarily concordat with fact.

When she brought up the topic of animgaus study, DJ told Claudia about his plans to study Spellwork after graduation. He was - unsurprisingly, considering his House affiliation - academically inclined. Claudia noted he might make an ideal classwork partner in non-practical assignments, too. He asked if she was taking the animagus course.

“I am,” Claudia replied, although she didn’t agree with his assessment of the relative popularity of the class. “It’s just me and Teal in fifth year,” she elaborated. “Brynjolf in sixth year and Russell in seventh.” Claudia had not asked Remington if she intended to take the class, but she assumed the other Draco would be interested, if purely for the knowledge and skills the classes would provide.

Claudia derived satisfaction from her hex hitting its mark, and more from DJ’s comment that it had been well executed. “Did you learn that in class or dueling club?”

She hesitated. “Neither,” Claudia decided to be honest as she picked up DJ’s wand from where it lay, having slipped from his hands and slid across the floor towards her. She cancelled the hex on her companion, as he was evidently not in a position to do so himself, and crossed the distance between them to pass his wand back. “I enjoy researching spells in my own time,” she gave an edited version of the truth. As DJ claimed not to enjoy dueling she did not specify she expended the majority of her time researching defensive magic.

“Remy and Drew and -,” she hesitated a moment, feeling peculiar about saying Dade, but reasonably certain the third year had not introduced himself to anyone else as Dakota, “their friends,” she settled on, wondering why she was going to so much trouble for someone who clearly detested her, “study spells together, too.” Claudia would join in with them, pooling their collective resources, except for the obvious reason that was impossible. “Remy’s other friends don’t like me.”

She was fairly sure that was true. Drew was difficult to judge as his loyalties clearly lay with Claudia’s enemy, so it was a moot point whether he liked her or not, but Claudia suspected the latter. Dakota or Dade or whoever he or she was (how was Claudia supposed to handle this knowledge? The ground between the two Ceti was already treacherously perilous. This new conundrum was bound to only make things worse. It wasn’t as if Claudia could talk to the person about it, either, without one or both of them ending up in the infirmary or worse. She had agreed not to talk to Garen about it, but she wished there was someone who… hmm. Maybe there was someone she could ask?) clearly hated her.

  • How about that! - DJ, Sat Dec 8 20:56
    “Sorry no interest in dueling,” he admitted. “My parents are both military and they always let us train with them after our first term at school.” He wouldn’t admit that the reason he was averse to... more
    • This is acceptable to me - Claudia, Sun Dec 9 07:48
      • Acceptable works. - DJ, Tue Dec 18 18:47
        Claudia pointed out he was the only student to transfer in. "Makes sense. Does RMI get a lot of transfers?" He asked not really thinking they would. After all his application to RMI had taken forever ... more
        • It’s a passing grade - Claudia , Wed Dec 19 07:09
          “Not loads,” Claudia answered DJ’s question about transfer students. “About one per term.” She had considered transferring herself out of Rocky Mountain at the end of last year, but so far fifth year ... more
          • Yes it is! - DJ, Thu Dec 20 09:01
            DJ nodded when Claudia stated that RMI got about one transfer per a term. That made sense to the Draco, after all, it was long progress to transfer to RMI. From his understanding, more kids left RMI... more
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