A deerstalker is compulsory
Tue Dec 11, 2018 05:58

The pieces were finally starting to fall into place-well almost. He still did not understand what the ghosts were up to but Elliot had given him his first solid lead. “I didn’t know RMI had secret passageways,” Eugene admitted bashfully. That must be where the ghosts’ headquarters were hidden. “Can you show me were they are?” He wouldn’t scout them out straight away- it was important to be prepared when entering enemy territory, and, he needed to stock up on canned goods if he was going on an overnight mission- but he was feeling much more optimistic about his chances of solving the mystery and finally confronting a ghost face-to-face (did ghosts have faces if they lacked important facial features like a nose or a mouth? Unlikely. Maybe just face-to-floating head).

Whatever had happened to this DJ person had probably happened to Anssi as well. But unlike the ghosts' right-hand man, Anssi, DJ appeared to have broken the their hold over him- at least enough to be able to confide in Elliot, and, seek help. Perhaps, DJ would be open to revealing more of the ghosts’ secrets?

“You’ll have to point this DJ person out to me later,” Eugene said. DJ was likely one of his brother’s classmates but Eugene had had enough of Leopold’s discouraging stares- his new pal, Elliot, was a much more worthy partner, anyhow. Elliot seemed to be a good judge of character so Eugene proceeded to ask, “You said he was, uhum, messing with you, do you think he can be trusted?” Eugene could not stop his face from twitching as he repeated Elliot’s phrasing, and wiped his nose with the sleeve of his robe, as though he had only been fighting back a sneeze. He did not want Elliot to doubt his bravery. A sign of weakness over a word (even if it was a Very Scary Grown-Up word) might lose him his most promising recruit, and, that would be a catastrophe on par with the time his sisters’ had filled all his shoes with overripe tomatoes.

One spy was bad enough but two would be very inconvenient. The only solace to be seized from such a situation was the knowledge that at least the ghosts were not very good at choosing their spies. Anssi was transparent enough (Eugene was mortified to admit that he had been deceived by him at all, if only for a moment) and DJ seemed to be spilling information left, right, and, centre. He would be a true asset to the case. Keen to keep Elliot up to date, his insight having proved so helpful already, Eugene then began to explain his suspicions about Anssi in more detail. In a hushed voice he listed all of Anssi’s known companions (Drew, Dade, Remington, and Kit) and his intention to recruit them. Eugene sighed wearily. “He’s probably interested in them because the ghosts think they’d make good pets. It must be very boring being a ghost at a school, it’s not like being a ghost at a water park or a cinema. I suppose it makes sense they’d want pets, but, I’m worried they might have something more sinister planned. It would be very helpful if DJ was willing to talk.”

  • Is there a uniform? - Elliot, Tue Dec 4 19:54
    Elliot followed Eugene’s waggling eyebrows to one of the third-years, Anssi. Elliot usually worked with other first years in class—Sadie and Tycho and Grayson and sometimes Gigi, when she wasn’t... more
    • A deerstalker is compulsory - Eugene, Tue Dec 11 05:58
      • What about a trenchcoat? - Elliot, Fri Dec 14 22:39
        Could he show Eugene where the secret passageways were? On the one hand it had been A Whole Thing for Elliot to find the passageways on his own. There had been a bet with Sadie and everything. Eugene ... more
        • Optional - Eugene, Sun Dec 30 15:29
          “She BIT you,” Eugene repeated, voice rising shrilly above the noisy classroom. “Why did she bite you?” Kit had always seemed fairly normal to Eugene. She was fun, and smart, and not at all like his... more
          • Do I need a magnifying glass? - Elliot, Mon Jan 14 09:52
            “Because she appointed herself captain of the Morality Police,” Elliot spiced up the answer to Eugene’s question. Kit had been very clear that she was biting him because he had sworn in her presence. ... more
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