I feel it's inevitable
Sun Dec 16, 2018 16:09

Kit claimed to be good at potions, refuting Jesse’s suggestion that the opposite was true, and that perplexed him. Jesse knew he should believe Kit, because she was the person under discussion, so obviously she would have more data than anyone else on that matter, but there were many reasons people would be untruthful about their abilities or skills. Then she elaborated that she got As “ practically all the time,” which means she was just passing, and not good at potions (although, admittedly, not bad at it, either). Jesse got a broad range of grades in this subject, as in any other, as his focus and abilities were sometimes afflicted by his lack of concentration and tendency to tangent. He probably averaged out at an A to E in potions, so he supposed he should not regard Kit as being bad at potions after all, if their grades ranked similarly. Jesse did not consider himself to be bad at potions.

It did not mean that he wanted to work with her, though. Even if her potions work was acceptable, she still had definitely argued with first years, and as the older brother to a younger brother who was often more than he could handle, Jesse knew that the older person was supposed to set the example of good behavior. He placed his flora down on his cutting board and debated whether he should still tell Kit that he didn’t want to work with her, anyway. He would rather work on his own, and if he had a partner, he would prefer a person who was calmer and less…. Kit. She told him she didn’t have time for his experiments, which would have settled the matter, except she then started pulling ingredients from her pockets and putting them on the workbench. At Jesse’s workstation. The second year stood resolutely in front of his potions supplies and began to prepare his ingredients while Kit continued on about some feud with one of the first years name Elliot (he knew it; Kit wasn’t even trying to deny it, and she was being mean about Elliot right there where Jesse could hear her. She was just mean to first years).

Then Kit turned to Jesse, and her proximity was greater than he would have preferred, his sphere of personal space being greater than most people’s anyway, and apparently much wider than Kit’s, and she said “YOU don’t say cuss words, do you?” She said it like a threat. Jesse was not skilled at picking up emotion in people’s words but that sounded like a threat even to him. He wondered if he should drop the conversation there and then and just tell Rob that Kit Kendrick was threatening him when he hadn’t even done anything except say he didn’t want to work with her, and really that was his right, and probably just showed that he had good common sense, but then she might launch a feud against Jesse, instead. That did not sound agreeable. Instead he thought he had better answer Kit, and then hope that she took it upon herself to leave him alone to work on his experimental potion.

“No, I don’t,” Jesse said truthfully. “My Mom doesn’t let us use any bad language at home. We can’t even say ‘Shut up’,” Jesse said, only feeling safe uttering the phrase because he knew his mother could not hear him. Of course the same was true for any cuss words, but Jesse felt no need to use them. He did sometimes feel the need to tell Felix to shut up.

  • Do you think so? - Kit, Thu Dec 13 08:22
    Kit was pretty sure she’d never once worked with Jesse but she was also pretty sure that she would probably forget if she had, so maybe she had. Jesse seemed like a nice, boring person which would... more
    • I feel it's inevitable - Jesse, Sun Dec 16 16:09
      • Let me focus my laserbeams - Kit, Tue Dec 18 11:14
        “Good,” Kit said smugly. Jesse didn’t swear at home, he didn’t even say ‘shut up’ which was totally something that Kit had said to Marissa before when she was mad. The sisters didn’t fight very... more
        • I really don't think you should - Jesse, Sun Dec 30 16:45
          Kit seemed appeased by Jesse’s answer that he was not allowed to use cuss words at home. He was not at home when he was at school, obviously, and so in the parent-less space that was the whole... more
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