Let me focus my laserbeams
Tue Dec 18, 2018 11:14

ďGood,Ē Kit said smugly. Jesse didnít swear at home, he didnít even say Ďshut upí which was totally something that Kit had said to Marissa before when she was mad. The sisters didnít fight very often, but when they did it was usually very unpleasant for all involved and peripheral parties. Kit definitely didnít cuss when she fought with Marissa but she also didnít use the nicest words ever. But the Kendrick girls hadnít fought in awhile, not since the time when Kit had said people called Marissa a school broomstick. Kit still didnít entirely understand what the issue there was, but Mom had said that it was something people said about girls to make them feel bad about the choices they made, but she hadnít really explained more than that. Kit didnít really know what choices Marissa had made that Heather was trying to make her feel badly about, but that was a mean thing for Heather to do anyway.

Making people feel badly about their choices was mean, unless their choices were bad and then it was okay. And Elliotís choices were definitely bad, because cussing was a choice and cussing was bad, unless you were a grownup or practically a grownup. Fortunately, it seemed like Jesse knew that, or at least he listened to his mom, which was more than Kit could say about some people.

ďThere are a lot of first years who think itís okay to cuss now because Elliot does it,Ē Kit said. ďAnd itís not right for them to do it, so we need to put a stop to it,Ē she added, a little self-importantly, and not noticing that she had neglected to ask Jesse if he would like to be drafted for her cause. ďSince Elliot started it, if we make an example out of him then other people will see it and stop, like in the Great Troll Defenestration of 1714.Ē That was one of the things that Kit had paid the most attention to in History of Magic, partially because Professor Boot had been paying much more attention than usual that day and partially because she really liked the word defenestration, even before she knew what it meant. Once she knew what it meant, she had placed Elliot on her list of people to defenestrate, if she ever had the chance. Since they went to school underground it was unlikely, but just on the off-chance, Kit would be ready.

Overall, she was unlikely to defenestrate the rest of the first-years, even if she had the chance. They didnít know any better because they were being led astray by Elliot. It made sense that Elliot was leading them astray because it seemed like he was nice and friendly at first until he showed his true colors. And first-years werenít going to be smart enough to know that his true colors were bad. They needed someone older to help them out, like Kit. And that was why she had to do things like defenestrate Elliot. Or well, probably in this case just make his nose hairs get really bushy. Maybe then heíd suffocate, because if he was suffocated he probably couldnít cuss. Although Elliot might find a way, Kit realized darkly.

  • I feel it's inevitable - Jesse, Sun Dec 16 16:09
    Kit claimed to be good at potions, refuting Jesseís suggestion that the opposite was true, and that perplexed him. Jesse knew he should believe Kit, because she was the person under discussion, so... more
    • Let me focus my laserbeams - Kit, Tue Dec 18 11:14
      • I really don't think you should - Jesse, Sun Dec 30 16:45
        Kit seemed appeased by Jesseís answer that he was not allowed to use cuss words at home. He was not at home when he was at school, obviously, and so in the parent-less space that was the whole... more
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