Professor Ivy Rasnick
I swear I'm not TRYING to kill you [Beginner DADA]
Sun Feb 19, 2017 10:09

Ivy was always the happiest after the Christmas break, it meant she could make increasingly hard classes for first-years now that they were used to how she taught. Today they were in the Practical Lab. All last week they had been in the lecture hall learning these spells and today was the first day of hands on training. The students knew they were going to be facing something but they sure as hell didn’t know what. It could be each other, it could be Ivy herself, or some creature.

Ivy had posted allowed spells today on the door which were Aguamenti, Alarte Ascendare - which shoots a target high into the air, the Bat-Bogey Hex, the Cheering Charm and Stupefy. Ivy wouldn’t tell them which to use because as an adult there would be no Ivy there to tell you which spell to use.

The Professor greeted her beginner students at the door three minutes after the time for class to begin. This hopefully gave them all time to read the spells on the door, she’d hate to give them detention over using a banned spell. “Good morning,” Ivy said. “Today you are going to be facing Pogrebins. They are native to Russian, they love to follow people around, infusing them with a sense of hopelessness until you collapse. If you collapse they’ll try to devour you, don’t let that happen. Your job is to figure out which spells to use against them oh and where they are.” Ivy said with a smile. The Pogrebin resembled nothing more than a grey rock with a small hairy body. It stays hidden by crouching down and pretending to be nothing more than a harmless stone. Which Ivy had put a bunch in the room as well as a bunch of Pogrebins.

With that, she opened the door and ushered the students in ready to pounce if any of them forgot to use the cheering charm and didn’t figure out to stun or hex the creatures.

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    • I Swear I'm not Trying to Die - Hunter Ioma (Lyra 1st year), Mon Feb 27 20:45
      Hunter was a big fan of Defense Against the Dark Arts class. He was a fan of any class where he got to use his wand, but the very practical nature of this class suited him. It hadn’t taken long for... more
    • You might not be, but my anxiety is. - Remington Burnham (Draco 1st Year), Sun Feb 19 16:23
      Remington forgot they were going to be in the practical lab today. For some reason, she thought they had one more day of practice, and that led her to the lecture hall at first. She always arrived to ... more
      • I've got anxiety, it's multiplying. - Alistair Hazelhurst (Cetus, 1st Year), Wed Feb 22 12:48
        The first week back in class had been relatively uneventful for the young boy from Mississippi. His continued research into potions and the art of creating them had been rather inspiring, and even as ... more
        • And I'm losing control - Remington, Sat Feb 25 16:45
          Remington looked up, vaguely recognizing the voice. She couldn’t quite place the name, but she knew he was a first year like her. She flipped through her brain and tried to figure out who exactly she ... more
          • Because the out. - Alistair Hazelhurst, Fri Mar 10 11:14
            Alistair still felt a little odd as the creeping little feeling behind his eyes grew a bit stronger as he tried to listen to the girl as she explained what the little critters were actually called.... more
            • Should someone turn on a light? - Remington, Sun Mar 12 21:38
              The cheering charm definitely helped, and she could feel the pogrebins losing all of their control immediately. It was perhaps doing its job too well. The anxiety she felt from being late to class... more
    • I think that's a lie. - Wyatt Munro, Sun Feb 19 12:39
      Wyatt had enjoyed the week of lectures by Professor Ivy but he was not looking forward to putting the spells to work in a real life setting. He was a book learner, not a hands-on learner. Yet, he... more
      • I do not disagree - Claudia Dubois [2nd year Cetus], Sun Feb 19 15:13
        Whereas her first year had been about discovery, getting to know the building, the classes, her professors and peers, Claudia’s second year seemed to revolve around avoidance and acceptance; she had... more
        • That's a good thing. - Wyatt, Mon Feb 20 18:58
          Wyatt was happy to see that the person he had spoken to was Claudia Dubois, a fellow Ceti and contender for top marks in the class. This would be a good match in Wyatt’s mind. Claudia seemed to be... more
          • So is working with you, it seems - Claudia, Tue Feb 21 15:21
            Wyatt laughed at her. Claudia tried not to feel too indignant but she really didn't like being laughed at - it supported her neurosis that people were laughing at her. She couldn't argue her case... more
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