Acceptable works.
Tue Dec 18, 2018 18:47

Claudia pointed out he was the only student to transfer in. "Makes sense. Does RMI get a lot of transfers?" He asked not really thinking they would. After all his application to RMI had taken forever to be approved. He had to apply, write an essay on why he wanted to study Animagus and a few other things to come to RMI.

Claudia recommended to not believe everything he heard, and he nodded. "Oh, I figured some things are going to be untrue or a twisted form of the truth." DJ was well aware how rumor mills worked.

While she talked about the animagus classes, he paid close attention. Sure it was just who was in the classes, but it was good to know who he could go to with help with them in the future. "Oh, I thought a few others mentioned being or joining the classes. I know Tennant set me up with Remington as my guide because she has plans to join next year. It didn't hurt she was in my house." DJ paused. "Do you find it challenging so far?"

Claudia told him she had learned the hex on her own and she enjoyed researching spells. "Thanks for releasing the hex." He said as he took the wand gently from her. "It's cool you like researching spells, I do too tough mine tend to be related to charms and transfiguration." He admitted with a smile. "I do know some hexes though. My parents are both into hex making for the military."

Claudia called someone Remy, could she mean Remington? She had to right? That was a cute nickname. When she stated that Remy's other friends didn't like her DJ frowned. "Well, that's their loss, right? I can't see why though you seem pretty normal and nice to me." He flexed his hands as he put his wand in his pocket. With Claudia standing so close it would be rude to try to hex her.

  • This is acceptable to me - Claudia, Sun Dec 9 07:48
    “You were the only student to transfer in after midterm,” Claudia pointed out. “It’s a small school, so the sudden arrival of a new face doesn’t go unnoticed.” It was therefore inevitable that... more
    • Acceptable works. - DJ, Tue Dec 18 18:47
      • It’s a passing grade - Claudia , Wed Dec 19 07:09
        “Not loads,” Claudia answered DJ’s question about transfer students. “About one per term.” She had considered transferring herself out of Rocky Mountain at the end of last year, but so far fifth year ... more
        • Yes it is! - DJ, Thu Dec 20 09:01
          DJ nodded when Claudia stated that RMI got about one transfer per a term. That made sense to the Draco, after all, it was long progress to transfer to RMI. From his understanding, more kids left RMI... more
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