It’s a passing grade
Wed Dec 19, 2018 07:09

“Not loads,” Claudia answered DJ’s question about transfer students. “About one per term.” She had considered transferring herself out of Rocky Mountain at the end of last year, but so far fifth year was better, with having friends, and counselling, and animagus classes, even if that meant more time spent with Professor McKindy.

DJ confirmed Claudia’s expectations that Remy would be interested in animagus training, and asked how she was finding it so far. “It’s difficult, but I am satisfied with the progress I am achieving. Remington is easily capable,” she said with admiration bordering on fondness. Remy was smart, and skilled at magic, and she had the determination to see a challenge through to the end. Claudia was pleased they were friends now. “Although it’s not classes in the traditional sense,” Claudia informed DJ. “The training is in one-to-one sessions with Professor McKindy.”

Both his parents working suggested to Claudia - although it was not a guarantee, just a likelihood - that DJ was not a society pureblood, although his parents were clearly both magical. Their work sounded fascinating to Claudia. “That sounds interesting, at least. My father works in investment,” she divulged with a wry smile. It was lucrative, but not interesting, in Claudia’s opinion.

When Claudia told DJ that Remy’s friends didn’t like her, he offered a very gentlemanly reply: "Well, that's their loss, right? I can't see why though you seem pretty normal and nice to me."

Claudia couldn’t help but smile. “You seem nice to me, too,” she said, thanking Merlin that there was another reasonable person in the school, and that the transfer wasn’t a lunatic, like a certain youngest Farnon sibling. The surprise of a more pleasant interaction than she had been anticipating prompted Claudia to encourage the notion that she was, as DJ suggested ‘pretty normal and nice’, as opposed to the rather less savoury things Remy’s other friends undoubtedly said about her. She hesitated just a moment, then said, “My brother graduated last term. When he was here, we - I had an argument with him and the person he’s dating.” Claudia frowned, uncomfortable both with sharing personal information with someone she just met, and with the events to which she was referring. “We’re all okay now,” she added, believing it was true - Claudia and Holland were not as friendly as they had once been, but they were civil now, at least - “but at the time some people decided to make my business their own. Dade,” the name came without her thinking about it; probably for the best in this situation, because DJ would not know who she was talking about if she said Dakota, “attacked me. I twisted my ankle and he set the corridor on fire with me in it.” It was over a year ago, and her session with Garen helped Claudia to cope with the trauma she’d suffered, but even now her heartbeat raced thinking about it, and she was sure her cheeks had flushed pink.

DJ had put his wand in his pocket so was evidently not going to cast a hex right this moment. Claudia was content to cease the practical element now if he wanted to - clearly he needed more practise but her thoughts were fractious following her confession, which might not make for an especially safe dueling episode, for either of them.

  • Acceptable works. - DJ, Tue Dec 18 18:47
    Claudia pointed out he was the only student to transfer in. "Makes sense. Does RMI get a lot of transfers?" He asked not really thinking they would. After all his application to RMI had taken forever ... more
    • It’s a passing grade - Claudia , Wed Dec 19 07:09
      • Yes it is! - DJ, Thu Dec 20 09:01
        DJ nodded when Claudia stated that RMI got about one transfer per a term. That made sense to the Draco, after all, it was long progress to transfer to RMI. From his understanding, more kids left RMI... more
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