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Thu Dec 20, 2018 09:01

DJ nodded when Claudia stated that RMI got about one transfer per a term. That made sense to the Draco, after all, it was long progress to transfer to RMI. From his understanding, more kids left RMI then joined since it was known for being a hard school to keep up in. He was pretty sure that's why his little sister had chosen to stay at Wallow. Mom and Dad had offered to let her apply to RMI but the second year had decided not to. DJ had been a bit bummed after all he loved seeing his kid sister around the school. They hadn't been in the same house, but they always ate breakfast together. He definitely missed Evie at meals now.

The fourth-year turned his thoughts back to his classmate he nodded when she stated it was difficult and he was surprised to find out they were one on one training sessions. "Good to know. I didn't know they were one on one right away. I assume that wouldn't happen till sixth or seventh year."

"It can be. I like hearing my parents work out how to make the hex work more than actually casting the hexes." DJ said and smiled when Claudia said her father worked in investment. Ah, she was probably pretty rich then. At least according to movies people who were investment bankers or whatever were rich as hell. "Ah, that sounds...pretty boring actually. Sorry if you plan to go into it, but I don't think I could handle that type of office setting ever." DJ didn't know exactly what he wanted to be yet but he for sure knew that it was going to be a job that kept him moving.

Claudia smiled fore real when DJ said she seemed nice. She complimented him back with the same words making DJ beam widely. The Draco was going to change with the subject to something less awkward. Who liked talking about why people disliked them? DJ didn't that was for sure, but Claudia started talking.

She explained how someone named Dade had attacked her by setting a fire and DJ's eyes widened. "Woah - not cool at all. I'm sorry that happened to you Claudia," he said sincerely. He wasn't sure what else to say. He didn't want to press her for more details. She seemed uncomfortable, and the last thing DJ wanted was to make upset her.

"Well if you ever want to partner up again for Defense again I'd be down. Maybe you could help me outside of class. Apparently, I'm going to need to work on my defensive skills if I'm going to pass this class this year." The fourth-year grinned at the girl hoping he had made another friend here at RMI. After all getting in good with a friend of Remington couldn't hurt right?

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    “Not loads,” Claudia answered DJ’s question about transfer students. “About one per term.” She had considered transferring herself out of Rocky Mountain at the end of last year, but so far fifth year ... more
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