...think I've talked myself into a corner here
Wed Dec 26, 2018 13:52

Gigi's laughter didn't pass on any real sign of her opinion. Whether she agreed or not with his assessment of how foolishly rebellious it'd be to make the Deputy Headmaster puke slugs, she clearly just found it funny either way, or funny enough to justify. Or possibly she actually really disagreed and was laughing at him for even making the suggestion, but to his mild surprise Joey found he didn't mind if that was the case. She wasn't laughing in a mean way. And as Dad put it, if you couldn't take some humour in a situation and laugh at yourself, you were hooped. (True, this statement was normally followed by Mum getting louder and crankier, but like, the type of situations Dad might say it in often included being late for events or forgetting an errand or leaving a gecko in the tub because it was easier than trying to pull it off the wall and it wasn't hurting anyone, anyways. So he figured probably Mum was right to not always laugh at it too.)

Joey couldn't hold back a snicker at her clothes comment. He almost responded with a Can't guess why, but swallowed it in time before Aunty Estelle could randomly pop up over his shoulder and give a lecture about not shaming anyone for their clothing choices and people having their own autonomy and blah blah blah. He was vaguely sure she'd follow up with a separate lecture to Gigi about conforming to the proper rules and etiquette for your setting, but not a hundred-percent sure, having only ever witnessed that particular lecture aimed at his dad and always concluded with the eye-rolling comparison of "If you can manage not to wear thongs to your own wedding then surely you can manage to wear [clothes type] to [whatever the thing was]". She might be more lenient about Gigi's whole style since, y'know, the history of women's oppression and blah blah blah... Or maybe not. She never played favourites, and would she really pick a side on something like clothes, which in the big picture really wasn't that important? Joey sure didn't care about his clothes beyond making sure his shirts were clean and his jeans didn't have obvious holes in the knee.

Anyways the dilemma was resolved when Gigi just kept talking on, now about DH Fell squishing her paper frogs and being sketchy and... pat-like? "What's a pat? Ohhhh," he realized the answer as soon as the words were outta his mouth, nose wrinkling instinctively at the thought. Ew. "Yah, I feel how you'd think that, I mean I've not sat up with him much but I get that he talks sorta sideways." He'd attempted a diplomatic answer, but now that those words were out too, Joey wasn't sure how well it'd worked for him. "I guess he is the slimiest seemin' of all the team," he conceded, volume dropping noticeably as he was still wary of being overheard. "Though I dun see much going for the actual Head neither." Oops he hadn't meant to add that - although it was true, he hadn't interacted with the Headmaster barely at all, and who knew if he was just like the DH?

He nodded fervently at terrifying. Aunty Estelle was pretty awesome, and she'd been real good to him and Paige, but he didn't like having her as a teacher at all. "It's real whack, being family for ages and then suddenly taking classes from her," he admitted. "Like, she's ace, always ramping off in the desert and stuff with my uncle, but she can really..." Stumped for words, he mimed an explosion with his hands. "So not being tight in sounds prime," he concluded, flashing a grin back. Some kids might've been bummed to miss out on all the insider fun, but not Joey. He had enough going on without pranking the admin. Although he still had to prank someone... "Dunno yet, but I'll keep ya tacked on it," he promised before glancing down at his small hoard of ingredients. "D'you think we can just make a single base and then div it up, save some time? I can start choppin' leeches for us," he suggested, already reaching for the small knife in his potions kit.

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    • ...think I've talked myself into a corner here - Joey, Wed Dec 26 13:52
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