Sun Dec 30, 2018 15:29

“She BIT you,” Eugene repeated, voice rising shrilly above the noisy classroom. “Why did she bite you?”

Kit had always seemed fairly normal to Eugene. She was fun, and smart, and not at all like his sisters, who were the type of girls that painted your glasses lenses with wet flour when you slept, the sort that would bite you without warning. Being experienced with fighting off his feral sisters, Eugene would have expected he’d be better at identifying a feral girl but he never would have guessed Kit was a biter. He found the news disappointing and slumped down in his chair.

“I suppose girls can be like that. My sisters are a bit feral. One of them spent three months as a cat,” well, not as a literal cat, just pretending, but it was all the same to Eugene, when she kept hissing and slashing him with her nails, “it was horrible. She only stopped when she got fed up with eating tuna for dinner. I thought Kit was OK, though. Did you know she had a pet tarantula?”

Copying Elliot, Eugene began slashing one of his leeches apart, soon he had lots of little bits of Angie splayed around the place, and moved on to mutilating, John. Eugene got the feeling that the next leech, John, had been a Proper sort of leech. Therefore he would appreciate a cleaner approach to his dismemberment, so Eugene began to move his knife with more precision.

“I suppose, he said turning to Elliot in between leeches, “the ghosts had something to do with it. They might be using Anssi to drug people, make them more aggressive, turn them into an army or ghost bodyguards. Suppose they want the school back all to themselves.” Then they could have ghostparties all night and never have to worry about curfew and keeping stressed STOAT students awake.

Eugene was pleased to that it was not only the ghosts who were a They. Now that he had Elliot (and DJ) Eugene was part of a They too. The team would have to move quickly and assemble somewhere discreet for a team meeting, perhaps one of the greenhouses would suit, then they could dish out different shifts for keeping track of Anssi, perhaps Kit too. Suddenly, Eugene was very thankful for DJ. Sure, being kidnapped and turned into a pet for the dead must not be a lot of fun, but it was sure going to be a lot easier solving this mystery with his input. His sacrifice would be meaningful, in the end.

  • What about a trenchcoat? - Elliot, Fri Dec 14 22:39
    Could he show Eugene where the secret passageways were? On the one hand it had been A Whole Thing for Elliot to find the passageways on his own. There had been a bet with Sadie and everything. Eugene ... more
    • Optional - Eugene, Sun Dec 30 15:29
      • Do I need a magnifying glass? - Elliot, Mon Jan 14 09:52
        “Because she appointed herself captain of the Morality Police,” Elliot spiced up the answer to Eugene’s question. Kit had been very clear that she was biting him because he had sworn in her presence. ... more
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